Thursday, 26 February 2015

Home project :: framing pictures and artworks

Following on from my previous post where I shared my current studio space I am still making my way through my little cottage and adding my stamp.

Recently I decided it was time to hang some pictures and artworks - some are not yet framed but when I looked at all the little ones in my collection that were framed I realised what a mish-mash they were (see top image). I made the decision to remove them all and donate the frames to a local charity store - they were all lovely frames and this way they will find their way to their next home.

I then went shopping for ready-made frames and decided on keeping the theme predominantly white but couldn't resist two natural timber frames as they are just lovely (see above).

Many of the smaller pictures and artworks are now re-framed and ready to hang and I will continue to purchase frames along the way as I pull out larger pictures and artworks that I want to hang in the lounge room and kitchen / dining area... when I get to them. In the meantime you will see the ones already framed as share the next two rooms - the study / home office and my bedroom.