Thursday, 26 February 2015

My study / home office space...


I'm back to share another completed room...

I love this room, the view out the front is very lovely, despite seeing the house across the road I focus more on the mountain range in the distance behind it... and all the greenery. The room also has a very nice energy about it and is filled with many of my favourite things. It's able to be a little more design-oriented than the studio but as you can see from the images it is still a very practical space with things on the floor and electrical cords hanging down behind the desk - that's just reality people. There is no built-in storage in this room and so many of the 'tools' I use for my creative process are stored under my desk in numerous containers.

As I looked around today it confirmed I have a very eclectic style and I realised that many things in here are second-hand and handmade which really illustrates that I live what I talk about... what I'm passionate about. The 'desk' is one of two that I purchased when I was living up the coast. They are old timber trestle tables with metal legs and my mum and I stained the tops because from memory they were untreated. The timber is etched and scratched from all the years of use before they came to me and I love the character it gives them. The chair is a recent find and I still can't believe my luck! It was purchased from The Green Shed and is such a stylish and comfortable chair. The bookshelf came from Ikea when I worked for them in Sydney some years ago... the chair next to it is one of six Chiswell teak dining chairs I found on a council clean up when I was living at mum's in Como... and need to refurbish and reupholster one day. The beautiful throw on that chair is one of three that I purchased for me from The Olive Tree Market in Newcastle when I lived up the coast - they are made in India from recycled fabrics and help women earn a living and break free from the cycle of poverty - I have given a few of these as gifts to my friends as well. Many of the smaller items and books have been given as gifts or purchased at markets, second-hand stores or online... collected along life's journey.

And following on from my previous post about framing pictures and artworks you will see three newly framed artworks, all purchased on Etsy. The pair on the wall are from one of my favourite artists, Daniel Moreira and the one on the filing cabinet is by Carolina Grönholm and I just had to have it because it reminds me of my Max.

Oh... and this is what the room looked like before:

Home project :: framing pictures and artworks

Following on from my previous post where I shared my current studio space I am still making my way through my little cottage and adding my stamp.

Recently I decided it was time to hang some pictures and artworks - some are not yet framed but when I looked at all the little ones in my collection that were framed I realised what a mish-mash they were (see top image). I made the decision to remove them all and donate the frames to a local charity store - they were all lovely frames and this way they will find their way to their next home.

I then went shopping for ready-made frames and decided on keeping the theme predominantly white but couldn't resist two natural timber frames as they are just lovely (see above).

Many of the smaller pictures and artworks are now re-framed and ready to hang and I will continue to purchase frames along the way as I pull out larger pictures and artworks that I want to hang in the lounge room and kitchen / dining area... when I get to them. In the meantime you will see the ones already framed as share the next two rooms - the study / home office and my bedroom.