Thursday, 29 January 2015

My current studio space...

Since I arrived, back at the beginning of June 2014, I have been slowly dragging this little rental cottage out of the sad and neglected state she was in and adding my touches. I've only done 3 rooms so far as I have a gazillion projects on the go at once, as usual...

The first room I started was my studio. As the largest room in the house it is obviously meant to be the master bedroom (and the only room with built-in robes) but I could see its potential for my studio space. After waiting patiently for the owners to make a decision about the worn and marked broadloom I had to give up and just start putting things together... of course, after I set it all up they gave the go-ahead for new carpet but I opted out as it was too late by that stage.

The paint job in the house is the worse I had ever seen and the pinky-beige colour... hmmm, so I have been painting the walls a lovely chalky white to freshen it all up and it just looks and feels beautiful! I have also painted the skirts, window and door frames and doors a low sheen white which makes it all feel even more crisp and clean (before they were all the same colour as the walls... nowhere for the eye to stop... and it just didn't work for me).

Oh and below are photos of what the room was before... you can see the awning out the front was permanently down which made the room really dark... (one of the fixtures had come loose but the owner's sent someone to fix it so now it is permanently tucked up out the way). This room also had no curtains, though I did find them in the hall closet... sadly they are the same throughout the house, peachy-salmon curtains that are very worn and none of which hang properly anymore due to broken tracks, etc. The only redeeming feature was that they were thermal lined and you certainly need that for the Canberra winters.

Anyway, I searched high and low for quite some time to find an affordable alternative that I can either leave in the house, if the owners want to reimburse me or I can take with me. Not my ideal solution but neutral and being blackout curtains I have been told they have very good thermal qualities as well due to the triple weave... fingers crossed. I also found and washed the lace curtains that are the inner curtains and though I am totally not a fan of lace I have put them up for now as they offer privacy while still allowing the light in and will help marginally with insulation in winter. They're no so bad and I can certainly live with them for the duration or until I find (or make) a replacement.

This room is certainly not a design statement but I have tried to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible given its main function is to house my work and to be a production room. I didn't bring all my storage cubes down from the studio I had at mum's place in Sydney, opting instead for some recycled doors from The Green Shed, spaced with smaller storage cubes in which I can slot baskets or stock. This system works well to lay out cushion covers and larger pieces of fabric... and obviously a whole lot more. I have a nice view out the front of distant mountains as well as trees at the front of the property, so all-in-all it is a nice room to work in. My 3rd studio to date... starting with this one when I lived up the coast, let's hope it continues to get a good work out.

Sunday Outing - Bungendore

A little delayed but here to share a nice drive through the countryside on Sunday to visit the charming little village of Bungendore.

A look through the Wood Works Gallery... lunch at the Lake George Hotel where I had the most delicious spinach and ricotta ravioli... yum! A visit to Station Shops Homewares & Gifts and then a little tour around town with my camera... although I didn't get to look as thoroughly as I normally would it was still lovely. I love the rambling old cottages and the old bridge timbers they use as benches throughout the streets (3rd image from bottom)...