Friday, 24 October 2014

la bicicletta

The best things in life a free!

This gem was found outside a house as its owner was disposing of it and I was the lucky recipient.

Even though I had my eye on something like this... I love my shiny red bike!
I have already been on a few rides around Canberra, exploring the area and this morning I rode from my place down (and around) Lake Tuggeranong. I feel so incredibly lucky to live so close to the lake. I've uploaded the photos I took on my ride to flickr, so go check them out and see what a beautiful place this is.

Although I am ridiculously busy at the moment it can't be all about work. I need to look after myself and I need to take breaks, guilty as I feel about doing that. The thing is though having a break is just the ticket to de-stress, unwind and get inspired. You need to just switch off sometimes and from that place good things flow...

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