Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pinch River on Australian Designer

Recently I received an email from Dwayne Bungay, introducing his new website Australian Designer and inviting me to join... after looking around it didn't take me long to jump on board and be part of this site that promotes Australian Designers!

Australian Designer is 'a community of designers who create stunning works of functional homeware for your home.' The idea behind the site is to encourage Australians to buy Australian-made and to support our creative communities.

Here is the Pinch River profile (all one page on the site but I had to make 2 screen shots) and as you can see this is not a market place, instead it operates as a directory, in a way that directs traffic to your site and all your social media.

Currently Pinch River can be found in Living Room, Kitchen + Dining, Storage and Bedroom as well as being featured under 'Our Newest Designers' for the month of May.

I think Dwayne has done a great job and I'm all for supporting our creative industries in this way and keeping in Australia! If your homeware products are designed and produced in Australia and you are interested in getting on board then check out the For Designers page and send an enquiry via the site.


Thanks to greylittlemouse of Etsy shop Toys and Home Decor for including my 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' eco-fabric storage basket in her beautiful botanic-inspired Thank You III Treasury! There are some really beautiful pieces in there and I, myself, had already purchased Kate Knott's Red Flowering Gum Botanic Art Print as a gift for a friend earlier this year... it's simply gorgeous.
NB You'll have to use the links in the text as the Etsy Treasury for blogs code generator tool I used no longer works :(

Sunday, 4 May 2014

hand printed eco friendly quilt covers

NEW in the shop!

This is one of the BIG projects I was working on behind-the-scenes and I am SO excited to see it take flight! These quilt covers have been in my mind to do for a long time and I couldn't be happier with the results.

The covers shown are all King-size (240cmW x 210cmH) on a Queen-size bed (as I like extra over-hang but are obviously made for a King-size bed as well).
I have the same covers available in Queen-size (210cmW x 210cmH) and will be listing these soon.

The covers showcase some of my fabric designs so far and are all very limited production pieces. Each cover is pieced-fabric as the maximum width of my fabrics is 150cm... so they are either bordered at the side with plain fabric like the 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' and the 'kangaroo paw' (top 2 images)... or bordered at the top with other printed and plain fabric like the 'honeycomb', 'flower of life' and 'corduroy pathway' (images 3, 4 and 5). The reverse of each cover is plain white Certified Organic Poplin and they are finished with snap fasteners for ease of laundering. The seams are all top-stitched for added strength. The handprinted fabrics are either hemp / organic cotton or pure linen... all eco-friendly goodness for your bedroom...

As with all the products in my website shop the covers are available Wholesale and Trade as well as Retail and include free shipping throughout Australia.

Image 1 :: 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' (C3) moss green on forest green pure linen.
Image 2 :: 'kangaroo paw' (C3) tempest on silver ash hemp / organic cotton.
Image 3 :: 'honeycomb' (C1) moss green on silver ash hemp / organic cotton (top); plain silver ash strip and 'honeycomb' (C2) spring green on forest green pure linen (main).
Image 4 :: 'honeycomb (C1) moss green on silver ash hemp / organic cotton (top); plain natural linen strip and 'flower of life' (C2) burnt orange on natural pure linen (main).
Image 5 :: 'flower of life' (C2) burnt orange on natural pure linen (top); plain natural linen strip and 'corduroy pathway' (C2) woodland brown on natural pure linen (main).
You can view more images over on my flickr photostream.