Monday, 3 March 2014

Pinch River window display at Trina Day Architects

The other week I shared my business banner, here, and said I'd be back to share why I had it printed... so, here I am to share!

The banner was printed as the backdrop for a window display I am doing for the whole month of March at Trina Day Architects, 639 Elizabeth Street Waterloo (Redfern).

The top two images are of the empty space. The 3rd image down is after I hung the banner and the rest are various shots once I had set up my display. As you can see it's a little hard to get a good shot both inside and out due to the size of the space, or more so the access to it as well as the reflection on the glass from outside.
(As you'll see in the 2nd and 3rd images the bus stop is right outside, so lots of people getting to see this on a daily basis)

The display consists of a Pinch River throw filled with beautiful eco bamboo wadding (can also be used as a cot quilt), assorted Pinch River cushions, a Pinch River Mid-century Modern floor lamp in 'Corduroy Pathway' (C2) on natural linen* and one of my 'Grevillea' tea towels (on the tray which is on the table).

*NB: the floor lamp is a proto-type at this stage only but hopefully this and other lamps will be in production this year.