Sunday, 2 February 2014

The art of making and doing - part 1

Image courtesy of - The Shed being moved from the field to the coast
I've been watching the charismatic and entertaining Kevin McCloud in series 2 of Man Made Home and have thoroughly enjoyed it. In part because of his narrative and the whole idea that underpinned the project... 'which is that it is better to make and to do and create things than it is simply to buy them, consume them and throw them away... and along with that, the experience of making things is a really enriching one, it's powerful, it's pleasurable. Especially, actually, when that thing is in some way beautiful. There is, in making things, enormous pleasure, intrinsic to the process and afterwards a fantastic sense of satisfaction.'

He starts episode one by saying: 'I'm a maker, that's what's driven me all my life. Making stuff, creating it from raw materials, is a really pleasurable activity. It can be stressful but actually, ultimately incredibly rewarding if you use something beautiful. It's a bit slow but in a world where everything is so fast, slowness is really valuable. It's really special.'

I believe his mission was also to find out if doing, collaborating and sharing can make you that little bit happier... and I believe the answer is yes!