Saturday, 18 January 2014

My studio space

Back in November last year I read this Etsy Success newsletter featuring Studio Visits: New York Edition (which included one of my favourite creatives - Leah Duncan!)

It was serendipitous as I was re-arranging my own home-based studio at the time, and even though the space may be considered big by some, for what I'm doing it is kind of on the smaller side (but I'm very grateful for it and not complaining). I particularly liked reading 'What systems do you implement for staying organized, saving time and getting inspired?' on each studio and they all say pretty much the same thing... shelves! along with other great organisational tips and ideas.

Leah says Shelves! Shelves and towel racks are the best things that have happened in my studio. I think it’s important to have designated areas within my space, so I have a packaging area, a sewing area and a designing/desk area. The designing area is far from the door because I thought it would be quieter. The packaging area is closer to the door, so if I have anything heavy to ship or receive it’s closer to my UPS guy. I like how she thought things through in regards to placement of work areas and while I don't have much of a choice on placement I do have dedicated work areas, like a sewing area which can also be cleared to become a good work desk, a cutting area, an admin area... and now, in addition to that, I have so much storage!

My storage 'cubes' came from a local business that was closing down and I got a good deal on them because I took all 36 even though I knew I didn't have space for all of them (the rest have been utilised in the garage with great success). It was a pretty major logistics exercise, getting them down from the mezzanine level of the factory, down a spiral staircase no less... then transporting them in the back of my station wagon and mum's car to the house where they were all cleaned of 20+ years of grime and dust before being neatly stacked on top of each other. In order to use them I had to move my work desks, which were previously in one line along the western wall (where the window is) and they are now back-to-back in the centre of the room which works well. I moved the couch to under the window so now I have a lovely little chill area where I can sit and ponder as I gaze out to the back garden. The images were taken this morning but the afternoon light is the best in this space.

While it is not my ultimate ideal space and set-up it is by far the most professional space I have created to date and shows the direction the business is heading in as well as allowing me to work more efficiently. There are still some small finishing touches, like adding shelves in to the cubes (on the western wall) to take advantage of the full height as there are currently things on the ground... but all in all it is set up and is slowly becoming a hive of activity as I ease in to the new year and start to bring you all the projects I have planned.