Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fabric storage baskets / buckets now in stock.

My lovely little fabric storage baskets / buckets are now in the shop! I've stocked my Etsy shop with plenty of different designs and colourways, including two recent colourways as seen above: 2nd from top is the 'flower of life' design, this time printed in Burnt Orange on Flax pure linen and above is the 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' design printed in Moss Green on Forest Green pure linen. The top image is the 'flower of life' design in Spring Green on Silver Ash. These little beauties are ideal for many uses... think bread basket on a lovely table setting; think craft supplies, like yarn; think inside your wardrobe for storing small things, or in a child's bedroom as well as the bathroom. Last year I used them to put lots of small gifts inside to give my friends for Christmas, they were a big hit and that way there is no wastage with packaging!

A great gift for under $45.00 (including GST and shipping costs).