Monday, 21 October 2013

A subtle change, a new direction...

So, with the Etsy shop adequately stocked for now, it's time for me to turn my focus to my newly transitioned website. I got the site back from the developers at the end of last week after they made the changes to it due to the business name change and subsequently moved it to its new domain. I'll be stocking my website shop with current stock this coming week to get it open for trading and will keep adding stock as I make it, so it will be hot off the press in the lead up to Christmas! (I'll announce the shop opening soon as well as some exciting changes to the website).

After changing the business name I also decided to change direction ever so slightly which is why I resurrected my Etsy shop. This shop will now be the outlet for smaller products that I will sell retail only (no wholesale) and always limited-run items. These smaller items are in keeping with my business principles of minimising waste as I can use off-cuts to create them and they all turn out so dandy! The Wholesale / Trade will only be available via my own website shop with larger homeware items, such as cushions and lampshades, while gradually increasing the product range to incorporate more items that can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

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