Saturday, 28 September 2013

In progress...

Finally some newsworthy movements at Pinch River!

I know it has been a tad quiet over here for the past little while, since changing the business name I retreated behind-the-scenes again to chip away at all the things on the to-do list. Two of the biggest hold-ups have been the new product labels and the website.

The product labels because I put my feelers out there again (since the first time I did this for stilelemente) - as the business I was using before had the labels printed off-shore and I wanted to reduce carbon miles and have them printed in Australia. As is always the case, research and subsequent enquiries take time but I was pleasantly surprised to find the same quality label through other businesses is about 50% cheaper than what I was getting before! Remarkable...

Once I decided on a business to go with there was more to and fro with artwork, approval and then production time... but yesterday my new Pinch River labels arrived in the post!

As you can see under the labels there are some zippers and fabrics... because I have also been in production mode! Not wanting to wait around for the labels, I started cutting and sewing to get the products to a certain stage that then all I have to do is finish them off once the labels arrived.

There is still quite a bit of sewing to do over the next week or so... then photographing and by that time the website will be finished and I can stock the shop and be up and running with lots of lovely stock.

The business name change has brought with it many sub-projects, mostly because I feel it's a fresh start and these myriad projects are what I'm focusing my time and attention on until the end of this year... so stay tuned because I'll be back to share more once production has progressed and once the site is up and running because that is also a sub-project that evolved... as I mentioned previously once the site was down, due to having to transition to its new domain, I took the opportunity to have some other important changes made.

Exciting times ahead!