Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bird watching...

I've been busy over on my gardening blog today - I'd been absent from there too for a while but today I caught up with 6 posts! 4 of which were sharing images I've been capturing lately of our beautiful bird life... which may well feature in my designs in the near future.

You can see the bird posts here, here, here and here and I've uploaded them all to my flickr photostream, creating a new set for birds as I plan on adding to it. There are two birdwatching walks coming up, one in a couple of weeks and one mid-October. I have my sights set on doing the one in October and am sure it will be thoroughly enjoyable.

I've shared my design process here on a number of occasions, showing how an image I've taken was the inspiration behind a design and I'll continue to do this, when I set aside time to design again.

The Robin Red Breast images are the crème de la crème for me because they're such good shots of them from a detail point of view, i.e. for drawing them... though I will incorporate a more natural backdrop for them in a design than the man-made structure they call home.

Aren't they just delightful... and those colours!

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