Friday, 9 August 2013

Spoken from experience - women in business (part 1)

I came across a little book yesterday titled 'heels in motion' by Julie Scott* & Vicki Brown and although it was published in 2008 it still has some relevant information and advice for women in business.  
*Julie Scott was then the Executive Director, Small Business Development for the NSW Government

At the time it was published the statistics were as follows: Women currently account for a third of all small business operators in New South Wales, with many more working as partners in family businesses. 'Around 529,000 women operate a small business nationally, which represents 32 percent of all Australia small business.'
The book is essentially made up of a series of responses by women from their own personal experiences in business - the table of contents gives you an idea of what the topics are about:
- Sisters doing it for themselves
- Technology - friend or foe?
- The secrets of success
- Relationships
- Support from Family and Friends
- Role models and influences
- The heart versus the head
- The new girls' network
- Exporting - beyond your backyard
- A vision for the future
- A meaningful legacy
- Competition is not a dirty word
- Childhood dreams
- What inspires you?
- A good day in the office
- Lessons learnt
- Mentor and mentoree profiles

In this post I want to share some of the responses from the 'secrets of success' chapter that I found interesting:

Sibylla Hess-Buschmann (sadly passed away on May 28th this year) was the Managing Director of Australian Rainforest Products a company that specialises in growing, processing and marketing native Australian foods, herbs, spices, fruits and essential oils (heels in motion p69)

"Today's successful small business owner is reaping the rewards of past investments in time, effort and learning." (p18)

Skye Davis is the owner of the photographic business Sky Rocket Studio (the website seems out of action but here is the Facebook page).

"You need to plan, you need to dream, you need to plan some more, then research and dream some more. Then it all has to be written down."

"In the beginning most search their souls to see if they have the guts and determination to make it on their own. Success requires working ridiculous hours for not enough money, and having your whole life consumed by the business." (p19)

Kim Ellis owner of 'edible marketing, gift and promotional solutions' business Damn Delicious (p76)

"Never give up, never give up, never give up - a quote by Winston Churchill in an address to a hall of university graduates. That's it."

"You are going to have some days where you wonder why you bothered to get up! Count each mistake as a business lesson, some cost more than others, but remember you are not your business and mistakes are all about learning."

"And at the end of the day, you've got to be happy enough with your wins to take the bad days in your stride." (p19)

What I loved about reading through this book was getting to know about some amazing Australian businesses and the women behind them.

I'll be back to share more tomorrow from the chapter 'the heart versus the head'.

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