Saturday, 10 August 2013

Spoken from experience - women in business (part 2)

Continuing on from yesterday's post I wanted to share some more insights from the book 'heels in motion'... from the chapter 'the heart versus the head' which I believe is particularly relevant to women. I may have liked this chapter the most and Kim Ellis' response really resonates with me.

Sibylla Hess-Buschmann (refer yesterday's post for more details about her).

"Women are classic heart decision makers in the beginning of their career, irrespective of outcomes. Women are smart and learn very quickly when to make a heart decision that does not compromise their business or themselves. I believe intuitive heart decisions are an asset to running a business as long as the decision is not based on a need to please, serve or be the good girl." (p34)

Leigh Bryant is the owner of Scorpion International Freight Services - an international freight forwarder and customs broker, which assists importers and exporters to win international market share, manage their exports more profitably and adopt a global business philosophy. (p67)

"At times, yes. I'm human and a woman. What else would you expect?"

Helen Davis - after nineteen years in hospitality and events, in 2003 Helen Davis launched Oh de Toilette, a unique business that provides decoration, accessories and attendants to powder rooms and washrooms for events and venues. (p73)

"I am getting better at seeing the potential for my emotions to take over and in delaying my reaction until I have had time to talk my thoughts over with someone else, or at least processing what is going on for a little while longer. I do think you need to listen to your gut instinct though, which can be a heart related feeling."

"Wrestling with a decision means emotion is going to play a part, so I find it helps to ask myself some basic questions like 'Will this bring more sales in?' 'Will this be profitable?' 'Will this cost me more?' And even more basic 'Why do I want / not want to do this?' It doesn't always work but predominantly it does. (p34)

Kim Ellis (refer yesterday's post for more details about her). This is my favourite because it is exactly what I believe!

"I've always steered away from mass-produced imported items because I've believed that we have a great skill base in Australia that is under-utilised. It's under-utilised because most overseas products are so cheap to import and you can resell it and make a big profit. Of course most companies are going to go down that path."

"Business people need to show leadership in the area of social integrity and building the financial future of Australia. Business people need to start caring about the environment, their community and the situation across the world. Business people need to find their heart and care for the businesses and communities around them." (p35)

Kirrily Dear is the founder and development director of Eyes Wide Open, a management consultancy that specialises in small business. (p73)

"I now trust my intuition implicitly, particularly when selecting the type of staff, projects and clients we work with. There have been times in the past when I have ignored my intuition and taken on projects purely because of the financial pressures of the time. I've always ended up regreting it and I don't ignore my instinct anymore."

"My personal values also strongly drive my decision-making and the direction of the business. There have been opportunities for me to make money quickly, but going down that path would mean turning the business into an organisation I don't want to be part of."

"Some of our competitors use fear tactics to convince business owners that they're going to fail without them, and people are creating mega empires using that sort of stuff. From a strategic perspective though, I know these get-rich-quick tactics are not necessarily sustainable and I don't want to be part of a business like that. It is pointless building a business that is out of step with your own ethics, you may as well go work for someone else." (p35)

I hope you find these insights as interesting as I have. Sometimes it's nice to know you are not alone in the way you think, for me, reading this book as been really enjoyable because I know now that others have similar ideas and beliefs to me.

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