Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Plans and preparations - project 1

The other day I posted about 3 self-initiated projects that I'm working on and I'm here to share project 1... to share some very exciting news!

I'm changing my business name and branding!

It's something that has been on my mind for quite some time and after a recent conversation with a business professional it kind of cemented the need to do this... and there is no time like the present.

In all honesty I have a huge knot in my stomach right now because it is all in a bit of a mess while I transition and I guess I'm not the sort of person who likes loose ends... but I know it will take some time to work through each necessary avenue and transition it all from stilelemente to Pinch River.

The primary reason for the change is I wanted a name that better reflects the essence of Australia that I am capturing in my designs. It simply didn't make sense to me to have a German name for an Australian label... even though I loved what stilelemente stood for - elements of style, it just didn't truly express what I wanted. In my experience with stilelemente I also found that people found it quite hard to pronounce correctly and more so it was a mouthful to spell out over the phone!

Why Pinch River?

The Pinch River is a perennial river of the Snowy River catchment and is located in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia. Having lived in the Snowy Mountains for a few years when I first left home, I enjoyed spending time exploring the local area, including the Pinch River. The area is one of absolute natural and unspoilt beauty, the essence of Australia that inspires the designs... it is one place that I have experienced first-hand that really enchanted me... much like my beloved Audley along with a handful of others places.

Australia is so many things, it is our red centre, it is our pristine beaches, our coral reefs, our bushland, our hinterland, our snowy mountains... The Pinch River is just one small part of the beauty that is Australia but remaining virtually untouched it truly represents the landscape, flora and fauna that is the main design inspiration for my label.

As many things about the business will stay the same I have been changing names and url's where possible rather than starting from scratch. I have built up a small but lovely following which I hope to grow and I didn't want to lose that. The one thing that impressed me about Facebook is that they allow a one-off page and url change if you have less than 200 likers... so I have already transitioned the Facebook page without losing any of the lovely likers! I have also transitioned Pinterest so I don't lose any of my lovely pins and will update product info once the website has transitioned. Unfortunately you cannot change url's for flickr but I have changed my screen name and will set about the laborious task of updating the info for the relevant images once I've sorted the bigger stuff out... it is just too much of a job to start over on flickr and I love everything I have created there so it is what it is. 

Needless to say there is SO much involved behind-the-scenes, the bank account (which can also be changed by the way, rather than starting over), MYOB (which can also be changed), the insurance (I'm waiting to hear back), business stationery, product labels... the list goes on and it will all take some time to fine tune and get right so please be patient and when I am back online I will be super organised! This will be the last post from the stilelemente blog... you can find the Pinch River blog here, it is just an empty shell at the moment but it is one of the projects I'll be working on first to get it all set up and avoid too much down-time.

The website is probably the one thing that will be down the longest... I have to migrate it over to its new domain as well as make some other minor changes and finally get the online shop along with the wholesale and trade log-in area up and running. I will be closing all other online shops, i.e. Madeit and Bluecaravan (and I may not go down this path again when I'm up and running but will see what happens when the time comes).

I'm going to leave you with some images from the beautiful Pinch River... taken many, many years ago on a picnic with friends. Unfortunately they are the only photos I have and nice as they are I would have liked to have more of just the landscape and river, sans people but back then my photography was more about people than nature... and they are pre-digital, so are scanned from photos, hence the image quality but nonetheless they give an idea of how beautiful it is: