Monday, 19 August 2013

Pinch River Lampshades

Quite some time ago I started dabbling with the idea of adding lampshades to my product range... I actually thought I was going to make these myself... and took a one-on-one class with a lady in Newcastle (when I was still living up the coast) who had been in the industry for well over 40 years. I then had some frames custom made and had a go at making some myself.

Having finally focused my attention back to the lampshade quest earlier this year I decided it was silly to think I could make these and set about having some professionally made. Ta da... and here they are! (Truth be told, they have actually been sitting in my studio for a while as I have been wanting to also offer them as lamps, with bases... but the base quest is still in progress and then the business name change came along and I just kept putting off sharing them but finally got impatient and decided I didn't want to wait anymore :)

I love, love, love my lampshades and am sure you will too...

Wattle Bird in the Bottle Brush (C2) - large oval drum lampshade
Wattle Bird in the Bottle Brush (C2) - medium tapered oval lampshade
Wattle Bird in the Bottle Brush (C1) - large oval drum lampshade
Wattle Bird in the Bottle Brush (C2) - small drum lampshade
Flower of Life (C1) - small drum lampshade (pair)
Honeycomb (C1) - large oval drum lampshade
Honeycomb (C1) - medium tapered drum lampshade
Corduroy Pathway (C1) - medium rectangle lampshade
Kangaroo Paw (C2) - medium rectangle lampshade
Kangaroo Paw (C1) - medium rectangle lampshade

The initial selection of lampshades, for table lamps, will be for sale via my website shop once it is all up and running but in the meantime I have sold a few so not all will be available but I will be having more made up soon. If you are interested in any of these and don't want to wait for the website to be up and running then feel free to contact me for pricing.

I wanted to offer contemporary shapes, that may also be slightly different to the standard, to mix things up a bit (another reason I want to also offer bases to suit). I will also be offering drum shapes and ceiling shades, however, if you have a specific shape in mind I can have them custom made so please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss the details.

It's been a long time coming (I can't believe how long... that's what happens when life gets in the way)... but I'm so happy to have found the talented and lovely people who make them for me and so happy with the finished product! More images over here.

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