Monday, 19 August 2013

Fabric update

I had my last batch of fabrics printed up under the stilelemente label a couple of months back. I did share them on the blog after I listed them in my Blue Caravan store for sale but I have now put the store in holiday mode as I move everything over to Pinch River (and may not set up shop there again but will instead be using my own e-commerce solution on my website). I usually link to my Flickr Photostream when I share new fabrics and products here but I forgot to do that last time... so you can see more of the fabric shots here.

I won't be selling any current fabric as yardage because it all has stilelemente on the selvedge (but if you really want some then contact me). I'm going to re-work some of the designs (e.g. the Wattle Bird in the Bottle Brush) but not sure if I'll be printing all of them again as there will be some new designs once I have everything else up and running... but printing will be probably not happen until later in the year or even early next year as I still have the other two big projects in the pipeline that I should be starting soon and will absorb me for quite some time... BUT I will be making plenty of products from the current fabrics very soon for the Christmas trade which is rapidly approaching... so you'll have to grab some before they run out for good :) I'll let you know when they are ready.

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