Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New fabrics

NB: the kangaroo paw (2nd from the left) shows more blue in this image than in real life. 
It is in fact a dark grey, I've tried adjusting it but Photoshop doesn't want to play! You will see the truer colour in the product listing.

A fresh batch of eco fabric goodness! and I'm excited to introduce some beautiful pure linen base cloth into the mix now as well.

You will see the 'Wattle bird in the bottle brush' and 'Honeycomb' designs printed on a lovely Olive green pure linen base cloth and the 'Corduroy Pathway' and "Flower of life' designs on an equally lovely Flax pure linen base cloth, both are 150cmW. I have printed the 'Kangaroo paw' and "Kangaroos' designs on the Silver Ash hemp / organic cotton blend base cloth this time, which is 146cmW. The latter is a very subtle print that I think will work particularly well in children's rooms.

Next on the list is a bunch of fabulous ready-made limited-run products made from these new fabrics to show possible end uses. I create with longevity in mind, opting not to follow trends, instead creating designs and products that are more classical and timeless. I believe they are suited to a wide range of interior styles and can work just as well in a living room as in a child's room. Inspired by our stunning and unique Australian native flora and fauna, the products also make great contemporary souvenirs.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Art Trail - Bundeena

Yesterday I drove through the beautiful Royal National Park as I headed to Stanwell Park... you can see the images here.

Today I drove back through but only to get to Bundeena to visit some lovely studios as part of The Art Trail - Bundeena & Maianbar.

I took my camera along and have to say... often I'm as enchanted with the studio and surrounds as I am with the art! So there are not many images of the works but plenty of links if you want to check them out... or if you live in Sydney or are visiting then take yourself along and make a day of it.

The garden of studio 20 on the trail - Lee Bethel
Walking down the driveway towards studio 20 on the trail - Lee Bethel
A crow in the rafters! by Lee Bethel
Detail of paper cut artwork by Lee Bethel
'Playing Soldies' on plinth by Lee Bethel, looking out towards the garden
I did take a few other images of the beautiful paper cut artwork that is hanging in Lee Bethel's studio but due to lighting / reflections, etc the images don't do the work justice so I won't share them.

Above: Next on the list were studio's 9 (Robert Wilson and Doris Kaminksi) and 12 (Heather Kepski, Sue Hilton and John Kepski) on the trail... and to get to studio 9 you walk up this lovely elevated walkway... it's like a little fairyland...

Walking up the steps to studio 9 on the trail - Robert Wilson & Doris Kaminski
Looking out from the balcony of studio 9.
The rear of the property at studio 9
Studio 12
Above: To get to studio 12 you have to walk up the street and down the back lane, passing the back entrance to studio 9 on the way... love the sign with the cat >(*!*)<

Studio 16
Above and below: Next on the list for me was studio 16 - Marion Stehouwer

Above: as no one answered when I hollered I can only assume all the works are by
Marion Stehouwer.
After studio 16 I popped in to both studio 11 (Wanda Stafford) and 18 (Yvette Linton-Smith) but no images, sorry. I have to say I LOVED Wanda's studio... a white, light-filled 'box'... what a great place to sit and create!

I also met one lovely little studio cat and three gorgeous little studio pooches :) and took a couple of random shots of things that caught my attention:

Above: in many ways this is the quintessential Bundeena cottage. A little fibro shack that has remained untouched all the years. Yes, there are many others that are more charming, little weatherboard cottages with lovely gardens and of course some newer, modern homes but overall Bundeena has been left untouched by greedy developers! Thank goodness for that!