Saturday, 15 June 2013

Every day living - my products in the weatherboard cottage by the park

During the week I had the pleasure of visiting the home of a lovely customer where I photographed my products in situ.

What I enjoyed about this process was seeing the products in the context of every day living, in an established and real home. I hope I captured the essence and spirit of this family home - it's a charming weatherboard cottage by the park in a suburb of Wollongong.


Don't you just love this home! It is so warm and inviting, filled with character and a sense of the home-maker - a very creative woman who loves hand made, vintage, antique and modern and pulls it all together very well.

It's wonderful how the home sits on the edge of the park and the owner's have cleverly blurred the boundary. While there we saw a beautiful Bower bird and heard some Wattle birds and Magpies in the nearby cluster of trees adjacent to their back garden... it's just like a little wooded fairyland...


I welcome photographs of my products in your residential or commercial interiors, or the opportunity to come and photograph. It allows me to show the products in various settings because I believe the fabrics, designs and colourways lend themselves to a range of interior styles.

I will be visiting another home soon, so stay tuned for more lovely interiors!