Thursday, 20 June 2013

Around town...

Thanks to the lovely folks at Blue Caravan for featuring another of my products on the home page! It's one of my fabric storage baskets in the 'flower of life' design (bottom right corner)... you can see the full range of designs here.

... and to see an example of how you can use them in your home, I just happen to have a shot taken from this post the other day... where the home-owner uses hers to store bed socks by the bed :)

 I love how the colour of the basket picks up on the wall colour...

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

In my neighbourhood...

I go passed this property every day (shame it's a butcher shop... and a messy property at that)... I dream of having a property like this one day... but what I want doesn't really exist because I'd like to have this in the inner-city so that a shop front would thrive... and this doesn't exist in the inner-city, or if it does it would be way out of my price range.

My dream property would have:
- a home with all the space and convenience I need
- land around it for gardens
- room for a spacious studio where I can print, sew, make, create...
- with a shop out the front so I can sell my wares

So this one ticks nearly all the boxes (may have to extend the shop building to have a studio) but it's in the wrong location... a sleepy little street in a sleepy little suburb... not exactly the right location to run the sort of business I want... no foot traffic...

To show you the overall idea check out the satellite view:

The property is the one with the red arrow, in between the blocks of units, you can see it is a very deep block with the house tucked away right up the back... just so charming, I really love it... guess I'll just go on dreaming.

Passed the butcher shop, the historic Como Hotel was aglow with the first of the morning sun:

Further along and the Como Pleasure Grounds were just like a fairy land as usual...

... and the reason for taking my camera out this morning... to capture this glorious winter wattle (Acacia Podalyriifolia or the Queensland Silver Wattle)... to see more images go here... hmm, I can see this spectacular plant being developed into a textile design...

It has been such a beautiful winter day here today... and I'm so excited that Friday is the winter solstice - yay! The shortest day of the year marks our way back to longer days and warmer weather.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Every day living - my products in the weatherboard cottage by the park

During the week I had the pleasure of visiting the home of a lovely customer where I photographed my products in situ.

What I enjoyed about this process was seeing the products in the context of every day living, in an established and real home. I hope I captured the essence and spirit of this family home - it's a charming weatherboard cottage by the park in a suburb of Wollongong.


Don't you just love this home! It is so warm and inviting, filled with character and a sense of the home-maker - a very creative woman who loves hand made, vintage, antique and modern and pulls it all together very well.

It's wonderful how the home sits on the edge of the park and the owner's have cleverly blurred the boundary. While there we saw a beautiful Bower bird and heard some Wattle birds and Magpies in the nearby cluster of trees adjacent to their back garden... it's just like a little wooded fairyland...


I welcome photographs of my products in your residential or commercial interiors, or the opportunity to come and photograph. It allows me to show the products in various settings because I believe the fabrics, designs and colourways lend themselves to a range of interior styles.

I will be visiting another home soon, so stay tuned for more lovely interiors!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Interwoven 2013

So Interwoven was a great success this year. Thanks so much to the Design Institute of Australia, Gitte Lindberg McGloin (the DIA Textiles Councillor, NSW) and Damien Minton Gallery for making this possible.

I was disappointed to have missed the opening due to a whopping migraine :( but I minded the exhibition yesterday morning and took some images to share with those of you who didn't make it... bit it's not too late to see it in person as it runs until 5pm today!

CIRCLE OF DESIGNERS - Art based fashion with eco intent. 
Anjum Olmo & Philippa Wilkinson
Phillipa Wilkinson - email :: Anjum Designs - email ::

 CIRCLE OF DESIGNERS - Art based fashion with eco intent

 SOPHIE SEEGER - Marrying art and design
email :: website
and KAREN BROCK (see details below)

KAREN BROCK - Natural and sustainable fabric ranges for interior d├ęcor;
residential and commercial applications

 FELOFFA DESIGNS - Textiles for the Glorybox
Janet Rockliffe
email :: website

KAROLINA VENTER - Garden of Erotic Mythology
email :: website

Ancient Stories told through Contemporary Design
Brentyn Lugnan, Jeremy Devitt, Lucy Simpson
Alison Page - email :: website

Wearable Geoms exploring the interconnectedness between geometrical patterns
email :: website

Patternique - Unique surface designs for Textiles and Wallcoverings
Sharron Patience
Imajri - email :: Imajri - website
Patternique - website

Miniature woven pieces that explore the beauty and colours of a desert oasis

Screen printed art & textiles handcrafted with imagination and whimsy
Aura Parker & Marena Von Behr
email :: website

LINEAIST & AMPERSANDER - Boy meets Girl, Art meets Fashion
Jonathon Blackwell and Angela Nash
Lineaist - email :: Lineaist - website 

epiorganic - Textiles as architectural elements
Brian Young

Mine were the hardest to photograph in situ and the images don't really do the work justice and not being against a plain white wall there is a bit of 'noise' in the background... so I've taken quite a few images to try and show the work as best I can. 
I know how I wanted to present them in photographs but ran out of time before hanging the work...

It has been a very enjoyable process, making the work and being part of the exhibition and I find myself already looking forward to next year's event!

Needless to say all exhibitors are open to enquiries from a broad range of customers, including Architects, Interior Designers and Decorators, Stylists, etc... please see contact details below images.