Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm exhibiting at Interwoven 2013

As promised I'm here to share some work in progress for the Interwoven exhibition coming up in a couple of weeks - opening Tuesday 4th June at 6pm and running through until 5pm on Saturday 8th June at the Damien Minton Gallery, 583 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

The works are a slight departure from my business products to date as I wanted to take the opportunity to experiment with textiles in a different way. Way, way, way back here (starting after the 5th image) I speak of how 'I'm still toying with idea that one day I would love to exhibit a body of work' and how 'My plan and dream was to always have a balance of commercial textiles and art textiles, simply because I love both.' Interwoven was the perfect opportunity to do this.

The series is a slight departure from my business products to date... incorporating the random nature of natural dyeing, on both plain cloth and remnants of my printed textiles, the panels are created by layering colour, fabrics, print, stitch and fraying edges to create texture and a patina of age, evoking a sense of history as well as combining elements that depict the essence of Australia.

There are 8 panels in total each measuring approximately 1.5m high and varying in width but no wider than about 60cm. The images above are some close-up details of some of the panels. I plan to photograph them in full once they are done.

I like the thought of adding these to my product line and hopefully I can but they are quite time-consuming and so I don't know how viable that will be. These particular works will be available for sale from the gallery but cannot be collected until after the exhibition ends.

The other talented designers and artists that are exhibiting are: the lovely Karen Brock from Eco Inspired along with Sophie Seeger from Seeger by Design; Circle of Designers, Patternique, Studio Bonnie, Feloffa Designs, Ampersander, Lineaist Design, epiorganic, Oya Demirbilek, Alison Page, Karolina Venter and Rachel Zuch.

So mark it on your calendars to make sure you don't miss it, it will be well worth a visit. Needless to say all exhibitors welcome Trade enquiries (Interior designers and decorators, Stylists, Architects, etc) and some or all may welcome Wholesale enquiries too.

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