Saturday, 6 April 2013

ISSUU catalogues

Following on from the previous couple of posts I am so excited to share more of the stuff I have been busy working on behind-the-scenes!

I have completed 6 of 9 catalogues, showcasing my repeat patterns on meterage / yardage as well as the limited production homewares and gift ware I create to show possible end uses for the fabrics. It also shows how the fabrics in the range so far work together, designed with a limited colour palette to complement each other. I hope it inspires people to want to make their own products from my fabrics.

You can see all the catalogues to date over at issuu and no doubt I will continue to add to the library over time. Thank you issuu I love you... what a great platform for people to showcase their label. Seeing the collections like this also enables me to assess my product photography (always room for improvement) and see the direction I am currently taking with my designs and assess whether this is where I want to continue going.

I want to also take this opportunity to say that my designs, fabrics and products are not only created with the environment in mind but also with longevity. They are made from quality materials, all as eco-friendly and ethical as possible with colours and designs that don't follow current trends and hopefully lend themselves more to classical, timeless themes which also makes them suitable to a variety of interior styles and age groups.

I will be sharing a post on each individual catalogue, showing more images from the shoot (that I didn't include) along with the inspiration for the designs, etc... so don't go too far away... and I've created a permanent link in my sidebar under 'catalogues'...

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