Saturday, 2 February 2013

It's bound to happen...

Design by Tiel Seivl for O and Co Creative's 'Little Flourishes' range
My original post introducing the firewheel design in October last year.

My firewheel design printed on a tea towel - 2012
I posted this comparison on facebook after coming across the design, thinking it was from Olivia Meredith of O and Co Creative but was surprised when the talented Tiel Seivl contacted me saying it was her design... that she didn't copy it but was just following the client brief (she has designed it for the above person).

I always do an online search when creating new designs as I don't want to come across as copying anyone else or having something 'too' similar and at the time I found NO firewheel textile designs on Google Images (should I have taken a screen shot?) but just now I've done another search and see that Mokum Textiles has also released a firewheel design only their repeat structure is different:

I've changed this a bit since I first wrote it yesterday... as it dawned on me that if Mokum had in fact released their design before mine I could find the shoe were in fact on the other foot. Since I have no way of knowing when Mokum released their design I can only say the same as Tiel said to me... their design in no way influenced mine... in fact I only came across their design yesterday and having looked online at the time of creating mine and not finding other firewheel designs it was easy to jump to the conclusion that mine came first... but we should never assume anything.

I'd never even seen the firewheel plant until I came across it in my mum's garden last year... back in early September I introduced it on my gardening blog and soon started working on the design. If Mokum did create their design after mine then is it just one of those freakish design coincidences? It can happen so we just have to accept that this is the case... still it's a heart-sinking feeling, whatever foot the shoe is on but particularly when you think you've come up with a really unique design.

Has this ever happened to you?

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