Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hello 2013

So, here we are in 2013...

I started back at work in the studio last week and have been busy making, making, making... using this quiet month to stock up so that I can then turn my attention to other things I want to start accomplishing as part of my plan for this year.

I moved my home office and sewing area just before Christmas into the big rumpus room at the back of mum's house... my cutting table was already in here with some other random bits and pieces and my bedroom feeds off this too so I'm kind of all in one area now which I like better... here are some shots I took the other day:

To start the year off I want to get my new online shop up and running which means stocking it... which means lots of making, a big product shoot or more, lots of editing, creating listings etc... yes, it will keep me busy. Then, well then it's time for fun, for tackling projects that currently only exist in my head.

Borrowing part of an email I sent off to a very beautiful person on the other side of the world... "The only resolutions I made are related to the business but I think in essence they feed back into my own spirituality as I love living a creative life..."

Starting this business has been part of just being true to myself once and for all even if it means I've had to make some sacrifices. I've never run a business before and I've been on a huge learning curve, frustrating and disheartening at times but rewarding and fun as well. As I've said once or twice before on this blog, it has been in the foundation-building stage most of this time for many reasons, like not having a clue, having to do so much research, going down the path of being 'green' which is like a gazillion times more time consuming and difficult than the mainstream path, doing it all on my own, my personal life still bumping into things and having to put the business on the back burner on a number of ocassions... so it's been slow but I think this can be true for most new businesses and I'm not phased by it at all... in my own time, in my own way...

I've been getting back into things I love doing, like stitching... and this piece (above) is going to part of a series... the finished products will be available to purchase but I want to first complete the series and this will probably take me through to at least April as I'm only working on these at the end of the day, sitting in front of the tv and stitching away.

I won't go into details about the things I have planned or want to achieve this year because for now they are mostly just thoughts, ideas and plans and I will only share them once they take flight.

I wish you all success with your ideas, thoughts, plans and resolutions and looking forward to seeing how the year unfolds for everyone I follow here on the www.