Saturday, 22 December 2012

My little ceramics collection...

As promised in my previous post I'm back to share my ceramics! Now keep in mind they are prototypes... that this is just the preliminary trialling of what it is I want to achieve as a new product range for my business - though not sure when this will eventuate... obviously I'm wanting it sooner rather than later but just have to nut out a few more things before production on that scale can commence:

ceramics by stilelemente

ceramics by stilelemente

ceramics by stilelemente

ceramics by stilelemente
For those of you who know my designs you will recognise that I'm carrying them through on the ceramics as placement prints, as I did on my tea towels, and will do on other products over time to make the range cohesive and identifiable as mine.

I need to tweak screen mesh and transfer paper as well as either making my own moulds (or having them made) for slip casting or finding somewhere to buy the forms I want as greenware... lots of things to fine tune but I'm so excited and so happy to see this little grouping because I've been able to get what was in my head out there into actual finished pieces!

The plan, for the initial products anyway, is to keep to a white clay body but to use different colour glazes for printing (not just black) and stick to clear glaze for finishing. I know, as with anything, this will morph and change over time into different approaches and finishes but I need to take this step by step... and it's not just the ceramics that I'm working on, of course there are the textiles too.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Seasons greetings and introducing my new website!

So... it's that time of year again - the time to stop and reflect on the old and plan for the new... time to take a break and enjoy summer.

2012 has been another disjointed year for me as far as the business goes... moving house and settling in to temporary digs at the other end was an interruption at the beginning of the year... then major surgery mid-way through with some other personal hit-the-wall moments along the way. However, I also achieved some great things... like undertaking two courses I had wanted to do for a while.

The screen-printing course was so constructive as I was able to build up my confidence and skill over the 18 weeks. I would love to go back next year as there was so much I didn't get to experiment with due to time constraints but I did get to print my own yardage... something I will share with you soon.

The ceramics courses (I did two consecutive terms) were equally as constructive as I was able to see my ideas take flight and though there is still a way to go until they are exactly what I want, the products will fit into my range beautifully. I will share images here once I pick up the remainder of the fired pieces to show you the whole collection so far.

Another achievement has also been the creation of my new website! Although it's been live for a little while now I have not yet shared that news with you. Due to surgery and other things cropping up it ended up being quite delayed to my original timeline but in the end I guess there was no real hurry, just ideas I had wanted to try and work in with. I designed the site myself and had it developed by a local agency. Even though there was nothing wrong with my original site, it was very basic as I'd created it myself with very little knowledge. As I wanted more functionality I decided it was time to get what I wanted. The new website includes a gallery where I can showcase current or new products but the best two features are my own online shop and a dedicated wholesale & trade log-in area! This is going to be great for both retail and wholesale / trade customers as you will be able to shop by product or collection.

The shop / wholesale & trade sections are not yet up and running but will be when I return to work in the new year (eta late January). My blue caravan and madeit stores are also closed for the holidays.

Another thing I love about my new site is the Stockist directory... I chose the floral emblem of each state to represent it... which of course got me thinking of all sorts of possibilities for future designs!

It's so rewarding seeing ideas take flight and I have so many for 2013... big and small and am looking forward to making them all a reality. What about you? What do you have planned for 2013?

I will be back on the blog to show some screen printing stuff and ceramics stuff from both my courses but apart from that blogging will probably take a back seat until I'm back in late January.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and wonderful new year... stay safe and see you on the www in 2013.