Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I love yellow

Currently I'm having a love affair with yellow... all sorts of yellows... pale yellows, mustard yellows, sunshine yellows...

My first experiment with screen printing (for a long time) was with some hemp tea towels but using some small screens I had made up ages before I started my screen printing course... anyway it was more of an experiment and many didn't come up to scratch. As I don't like waste I decided to cut them up and use the good bits for some cushions and other projects...

The top image shows all 4 cushions I pieced together with the tea towel off cuts, combining them with some gorgeous velvets... plus a beautiful recycled sari throw that I bought recently and have had stashed away in the wardrobe.

The bottom image is a close-up but more so... taken after I struggled to locate my Daniel Moreira prints that have been in storage.*

I was going to list these cushions for sale but I'm thinking I might keep them for myself because I like them lots... I do have a few tea towels with these prints that turned out successfully and will be listed for sale soon but I'm not sure I'll be doing any more of these particular ones.

*I've been finding it quite frustrating lately not having my own place, even though there are many things in the bedroom I would change, making these small changes has helped me have just a tiny creative outlet in my temporary surroundings... I just have to remember I won't be here forever and keep an eye on the bigger picture... plus it's so nice to be geographically close to my friends again! Buying real estate in Sydney is not the goal... I know what I want (though sometimes I wonder if it even exists) and I know I'll find it one day or create it for myself in a beautiful semi-rural location... for now Sydney is the best place for pursuing ideas for the business.