Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I love yellow

Currently I'm having a love affair with yellow... all sorts of yellows... pale yellows, mustard yellows, sunshine yellows...

My first experiment with screen printing (for a long time) was with some hemp tea towels but using some small screens I had made up ages before I started my screen printing course... anyway it was more of an experiment and many didn't come up to scratch. As I don't like waste I decided to cut them up and use the good bits for some cushions and other projects...

The top image shows all 4 cushions I pieced together with the tea towel off cuts, combining them with some gorgeous velvets... plus a beautiful recycled sari throw that I bought recently and have had stashed away in the wardrobe.

The bottom image is a close-up but more so... taken after I struggled to locate my Daniel Moreira prints that have been in storage.*

I was going to list these cushions for sale but I'm thinking I might keep them for myself because I like them lots... I do have a few tea towels with these prints that turned out successfully and will be listed for sale soon but I'm not sure I'll be doing any more of these particular ones.

*I've been finding it quite frustrating lately not having my own place, even though there are many things in the bedroom I would change, making these small changes has helped me have just a tiny creative outlet in my temporary surroundings... I just have to remember I won't be here forever and keep an eye on the bigger picture... plus it's so nice to be geographically close to my friends again! Buying real estate in Sydney is not the goal... I know what I want (though sometimes I wonder if it even exists) and I know I'll find it one day or create it for myself in a beautiful semi-rural location... for now Sydney is the best place for pursuing ideas for the business.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New cot quilts / quilted throws

Introducing my new cot quilts / quilted throws!

Yet another project I started back here and recently came full circle with... they will be available in the online shop(s) soon...

The quilts are filled with the most gorgeously soft 100% bamboo wadding (samples will be attached to quilts). They vary in size from 120cmW x 150cmH and 110cmW x 130cmH.

You can see more here (but I haven't added descriptions yet and don't have time to do that until after the market... so much last minute stuff to do!!!). You can also get a sneaky peak of some of my new fabric designs... yet to be formally introduced and again, probably not until after the market though I do have some lovely products made from them for the market. The quilts can be used for cots or a nice throw in the lounge room. There will be more of these in the near future and will be available in my online shops.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New tea towel designs!

Since this post I have added some more tea towels into the range:

stilelemente 'grevillea' tea towel
stilelemente 'grevillea' tea towels
stilelemente 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' tea towel
stilelemente 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' tea towels

The images may not be the best... I have to find a better way to photograph them but at least you can get an idea... more images here

I have been wanting to do a Grevillea design for quite some time... and started talking about it way back here and then some more here. The design is based on photographs of the Grevillea from my garden and will probably work its way into a repeat for yardage. (I started working on this a while back but it isn't finished yet).

The 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' is already a repeat on yardage and now comes in a new colourway of Burnt Orange on Silver Ash (really nice!)... I'll be sharing this soon along with my 3 new yardage designs!

The tea towels are all pure linen, they come in natural, oatmeal and white and will be available in my online shop(s) soon...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hand embroidered cushions

As promised in my previous post... I'm going to share some of the things I've been working on for the last little while... the things that I will be taking with me to market.

You may remember ages ago I was experimenting with embroidery thread here (scroll down to end of post)... well the thread was indeed colour-fast and I did actually make up two prototype cushions way back then... then other things got in the way and I was only able to turn my focus back to this recently (with a bit of help from my mum who has been doing the embroidery for me).

Above are the two prototypes I did back in June (now with labels added in)... they are both from my eco-friendly Greeting Card designs - the cockatoo (top) and kookaburra (above).

While I like them alot I felt the thread was perhaps a little too thick and so when I went to Spotlight recently I bought these new embroidery threads:

Don't you just LOVE the colours! They remind me of south America for some reason... they conjure up images of the people of Peru... the Andes... I'm really liking these colours and they are colour-fast as it says so on the label, so no testing needed.

Anyway... they are being used for very Australian designs and not anything south American as you might have been led to believe... here are the works in progress and the results:

I don't yet have an 'Australia' greeting card but next print run I'll probably add it and maybe some more new designs... but I'm so happy with these cushions. What do you think?

I'm really into embroidery and velvet at the moment and you will see the latter feature in some other cushions and possibly other products.

The cushions themselves are made from the hemp / organic cotton base cloth that I use for printing and the velvet trim is actually organic cotton velvet. I purchased a small quantity of this and some organic cotton corduroy from overseas quite some time back. I experimented with printing it but it turned out to be a nightmare for the printers due to the way velvet is made... the cut edges shed all the short fluffy velvety bits and as they use adhesive to keep the fabric in place on the table it gunked up the table which is not a good thing... so that idea was scrapped.

I probably won't be getting the velvet from the same suppliers for two reasons... distance and selection of colours. Their colours are not ones I am drawn to and having found the exact same colours that were in my head, here in Australia (but no doubt made overseas) I am going to work with those for now. Although they are cotton velvets they are not organic cotton velvets and believe me... the trail of research and communication for this elusive fabric is very extensive and has been going on for well over a year (on and off). As I will only be using it for trims I have to accept this is the best option available to me now and will only work with cotton velvets and not synthetic ones.

Anyway... they'll be in  my online shop(s) soon and may eventually be available wholesale.