Thursday, 29 March 2012

Local Harvest... where does the food you eat come from?

As the basis of my business is to be as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible it's only natural that this stems from how I wish to live my life and so when I come across great organisations doing similar things but in different ways, spanning all facets of how we live then of course I'm going to want to share it, to help spread the word...

So I wanted to share this fab little animation from the Local Harvest website (I came across this via the Ethical Consumer Guide e-newsletter). It's worth watching so you can understand exactly where supermarket food comes from and the processes it has to go through to get on to the shelves. Anything that promotes more environmentally friendly and ethical options is a winner for me so I think Local Harvest is a great idea and am sure the website and organisation will be a big success... head on over to the website to see how you can get involved.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some online love...

Above: I was happy to see one of my cushions featured in the latest Bluecaravan newsletter - thanks Jen and the Bluecaravan team. It's all about Autumn Love so pop over and check out all the other fabulous products featured there as well as a giveaway by Society COLLECTIVE (Please note I am in no way involved with the giveaway, am just passing on the information).

Above: More stilelemente love over at tickle the imagination blog - Thanks Tanya! Have you checked out this fabulous online magazine? If not I suggest a little visit, you won't be disappointed.

Above: ... and more love from Annaig's Gemstudio over at Madeit in her Seller Picks today - she has included one of my eco-friendly Nippers notebooks - thanks Annaig! (In the screen shot it is 3rd from the left). Pop over and check out her lovely jewellery and the other items she's included in her Seller Picks today and support handmade.