Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hello from Como

A little snippet of mum's garden - image by me.
Just popping by to say a quick hello from Como... (NSW not beautiful Lake Como in Italy!)

I arrived on Monday and, as anyone who has ever moved house will know, I have been knee deep in boxes and stuff ever since... and will be for quite some time yet as moving into my mum's house instead of my own space throws up some challenges... like merging belongings and carving out my own spaces.

I will get there though... lots to sell on eBay in the meantime to clear the decks for a nice big work room. I have my own bedroom (obviously) and a lovely studio space too. Lots of room just lots of stuff in the way at the moment.

It is such a lovely area, so bushy, everywhere you look you see green, so many trees that the houses almost disappear and being quite hilly it's lovely at night time to see the homes lit up across the valley. I'm also just up the road from the Sir Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve - yay! Soooo looking forward to going and exploring that with my camera.

On the business side of things, I still have my online shops open for business but don't foresee being able to make any new stock any time soon. Looking forward to being set up and to start some processes of giving the business and products more exposure.

Friday, 17 February 2012

On the move...

image by me
I've been a bit light on the blog posts the past week or so because I've been finishing packing up my home ready for my move... winding things up at this end was not as straight forward as I'd hoped and I've kind of been in limbo for a bit. Happy to say that I am finally heading out and therefore will be a bit absent from here as I get settled in at the other end.

Here's to new beginnings...

Monday, 13 February 2012

New eco-friendly greeting card designs in store

Above are just a few of the new card designs in store... to see the rest or to purchase you can go here and here. I've created The Great Outdoors series in card versions now, not just the notebooks as I'll be phasing the notebooks out once all current stock is sold.

I'm seeing the top designs as a possibility for yardage, for children... what do you think? I think they'd make nice doona covers / cot quilt covers / baby sleeping bags... curtains... anything for the nursery or children's room really. I might pursue this in a a few months, maybe in time for winter and I'll be sure to keep you posted if I do.

Wholesale enquiries always welcome :)