Friday, 13 January 2012

The 'hood

I needed to get out of my own headspace this morning and decided to grab my camera and go on another photo shoot around my neighbourhood... this time much closer to home than the little outing in this post... just some lovely spots around the headland here (you can see more images here):

Above: Reids Reserve / Lake Entrance
Above: Track to Reids Mistake
Above: Salts Bay, NSW
Above" Reids Reserve, NSW
I had spotted some plants on my walks recently that I wanted to go back and snap so that I can add to my ever-growing library of inspiration for my designs.

Here is a sample of what I captured but you can see more here

Above: Grevillea Misty Pink
Above" Leucadendron Red Devil
Above: Leucospermum Carnival Yellow
Protea Pink Ice
It was a stunning summer day here today and it made me feel alot better being outdoors and enjoying it. I hope you have enjoyed your day... this Friday the 13th... or maybe you have fab plans for spooky fun tonight...

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