Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday morning by the lake

East Lake Macquarie, NSW, from the Swansea Foreshore
This is a small glimpse into what I captured today on a walk / drive along the foreshore at Swansea, (east Lake Macquarie). I've walked along here, picnicked know how you just 'live' in a place, experience it every day and that in itself imprints on your memory... and you forget to capture it on film (or digital camera as the case may be in this day and age).

One of the things I promised myself before I leave here is to go to all my favourite spots and take photos so that I have a library on hand to remind me of the beauty of this place... and which may possibly feed into inspiration for design ideas down the track.

I'm loving the foliage on the tree (above) and think it could work its way into a fabric design one day. I think it's a She Oak and want to research this tree further, see what species this is in the Casuarinacaea family...

A glassy lake made for some great reflections...

There were ducks and pelicans swimming about... so serene... such a nice little outing this morning. You can see all the images I took this morning here.

Did you do anything nice today?

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  1. loving all the boat bums in blue - a great image Gaby ... I packed boxes allll day ") no surprise eh le xox