Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Design development .../2

Continuing on from this post I also wanted to show how I started playing around with positive and negative spaces as a result of certain design approaches (this also informed my 'kangaroo paw' design)... and how deconstructing an object, such as a plant or flower allows you take certain elements and put them into another context...

Design development, visual diary 2001 - image by me
Design development, visual diary 2001 - image by me
In the image above, the rough sketch in the bottom right-hand corner developed into this:

 ... and then this (below) which I have been playing around with for a greeting card. When I first thought about textile designs I was playing around with this as a repeat but for a couple of reasons I abandoned the idea. One of which is printing it vertically would be impossible due to the continuous pattern (for hand-screen-printing) and I don't think I want it printed horizontally. What I do like is the evidence of it being hand drawn in the way it is not precise and perfectly symmetrical... this makes it much more organic.

kelp by Gaby Tagliapietra
Or... sometimes we can choose to leave things pretty much as they are... as in the case of the waratah sketch (top visual diary image, bottom centre of the diary) that became this eco-friendly greeting card design:

stilelemente 'waratah' eco-friendly greeting card