Sunday, 22 January 2012

A foreshore walk

Waners Bay, NSW - foreshore walk - image by me
Warners Bay, NSW - foreshore walk - image by me
White Ibis, Warners Bay, NSW - image by me
I have yet to produce anything other than a photographic documentary of my local area this year, anything for my label that is, and I apologise for that. I guess at the moment I'm just planning my next move in that regard, thinking about my designs so far and seeing if this is the style I want to continue with.

I read an interview with designer Leah Bartholomew recently on Daily Imprint and something she said really struck a chord, the questions was:
"What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way?"

...and the response was:
"Not to put too much pressure on myself to have a "style" in my art-making. If you put yourself into your art/designs, the style will inevitably show itself. I feel like I've got about three different approaches to my art-making; in the end they seem to combine into the one."

I think I'm questioning my style at the moment, or at the very least re-assessing my textile designs and asking myself is there anything I can do differently? Do I want to do things differently? Do I need to do things differently?

Apart from deciding to discontinue my Kangaroo Grass design, maybe permanently or maybe just to do a re-design, I don't have the answers yet and so I am just sitting with it. I'm taking my camera out on walks and by placing myself in the landscape more am hoping to find the answers I am looking for. I also plan to sit down and do some drawings and sketches on some ideas I had to see if anything comes of it.

The above images were taken earlier in the week, on a walk along the foreshore at Warners Bay (you can see more here). I haven't walked along here before as I'm usually in my car going there for a specific reason and never having the time to stop and enjoy it. Our local council has been doing some wonderful work here with constructing a new modern boardwalk to link areas previously not accessible by foot, creating a continuous walking path - as well as foreshore regeneration and I captured these plants below:

Swamp Banksia - image by me
Sheoak - image by me
The plant images in particular are a wonderful resource for me to draw on for designs and I'm enjoying becoming more familiar with many native species - more images here.

I'm also having this real affinity with illustrations at the moment and am leaning towards exploring this area more for myself, with stand-alone illustrations, i.e. not part of repeat patterns for my textile designs and different to the ones I have done in the past.

I'm also hoping I can finally get to do the ceramics course I talked about a while ago (maybe even as far back as the beginning of last year). I hope to be moved and settled by the time TAFE goes back and am looking into courses.