Saturday, 22 December 2012

My little ceramics collection...

As promised in my previous post I'm back to share my ceramics! Now keep in mind they are prototypes... that this is just the preliminary trialling of what it is I want to achieve as a new product range for my business - though not sure when this will eventuate... obviously I'm wanting it sooner rather than later but just have to nut out a few more things before production on that scale can commence:

ceramics by stilelemente

ceramics by stilelemente

ceramics by stilelemente

ceramics by stilelemente
For those of you who know my designs you will recognise that I'm carrying them through on the ceramics as placement prints, as I did on my tea towels, and will do on other products over time to make the range cohesive and identifiable as mine.

I need to tweak screen mesh and transfer paper as well as either making my own moulds (or having them made) for slip casting or finding somewhere to buy the forms I want as greenware... lots of things to fine tune but I'm so excited and so happy to see this little grouping because I've been able to get what was in my head out there into actual finished pieces!

The plan, for the initial products anyway, is to keep to a white clay body but to use different colour glazes for printing (not just black) and stick to clear glaze for finishing. I know, as with anything, this will morph and change over time into different approaches and finishes but I need to take this step by step... and it's not just the ceramics that I'm working on, of course there are the textiles too.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Seasons greetings and introducing my new website!

So... it's that time of year again - the time to stop and reflect on the old and plan for the new... time to take a break and enjoy summer.

2012 has been another disjointed year for me as far as the business goes... moving house and settling in to temporary digs at the other end was an interruption at the beginning of the year... then major surgery mid-way through with some other personal hit-the-wall moments along the way. However, I also achieved some great things... like undertaking two courses I had wanted to do for a while.

The screen-printing course was so constructive as I was able to build up my confidence and skill over the 18 weeks. I would love to go back next year as there was so much I didn't get to experiment with due to time constraints but I did get to print my own yardage... something I will share with you soon.

The ceramics courses (I did two consecutive terms) were equally as constructive as I was able to see my ideas take flight and though there is still a way to go until they are exactly what I want, the products will fit into my range beautifully. I will share images here once I pick up the remainder of the fired pieces to show you the whole collection so far.

Another achievement has also been the creation of my new website! Although it's been live for a little while now I have not yet shared that news with you. Due to surgery and other things cropping up it ended up being quite delayed to my original timeline but in the end I guess there was no real hurry, just ideas I had wanted to try and work in with. I designed the site myself and had it developed by a local agency. Even though there was nothing wrong with my original site, it was very basic as I'd created it myself with very little knowledge. As I wanted more functionality I decided it was time to get what I wanted. The new website includes a gallery where I can showcase current or new products but the best two features are my own online shop and a dedicated wholesale & trade log-in area! This is going to be great for both retail and wholesale / trade customers as you will be able to shop by product or collection.

The shop / wholesale & trade sections are not yet up and running but will be when I return to work in the new year (eta late January). My blue caravan and madeit stores are also closed for the holidays.

Another thing I love about my new site is the Stockist directory... I chose the floral emblem of each state to represent it... which of course got me thinking of all sorts of possibilities for future designs!

It's so rewarding seeing ideas take flight and I have so many for 2013... big and small and am looking forward to making them all a reality. What about you? What do you have planned for 2013?

I will be back on the blog to show some screen printing stuff and ceramics stuff from both my courses but apart from that blogging will probably take a back seat until I'm back in late January.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and wonderful new year... stay safe and see you on the www in 2013.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I love yellow

Currently I'm having a love affair with yellow... all sorts of yellows... pale yellows, mustard yellows, sunshine yellows...

My first experiment with screen printing (for a long time) was with some hemp tea towels but using some small screens I had made up ages before I started my screen printing course... anyway it was more of an experiment and many didn't come up to scratch. As I don't like waste I decided to cut them up and use the good bits for some cushions and other projects...

The top image shows all 4 cushions I pieced together with the tea towel off cuts, combining them with some gorgeous velvets... plus a beautiful recycled sari throw that I bought recently and have had stashed away in the wardrobe.

The bottom image is a close-up but more so... taken after I struggled to locate my Daniel Moreira prints that have been in storage.*

I was going to list these cushions for sale but I'm thinking I might keep them for myself because I like them lots... I do have a few tea towels with these prints that turned out successfully and will be listed for sale soon but I'm not sure I'll be doing any more of these particular ones.

*I've been finding it quite frustrating lately not having my own place, even though there are many things in the bedroom I would change, making these small changes has helped me have just a tiny creative outlet in my temporary surroundings... I just have to remember I won't be here forever and keep an eye on the bigger picture... plus it's so nice to be geographically close to my friends again! Buying real estate in Sydney is not the goal... I know what I want (though sometimes I wonder if it even exists) and I know I'll find it one day or create it for myself in a beautiful semi-rural location... for now Sydney is the best place for pursuing ideas for the business.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New cot quilts / quilted throws

Introducing my new cot quilts / quilted throws!

Yet another project I started back here and recently came full circle with... they will be available in the online shop(s) soon...

The quilts are filled with the most gorgeously soft 100% bamboo wadding (samples will be attached to quilts). They vary in size from 120cmW x 150cmH and 110cmW x 130cmH.

You can see more here (but I haven't added descriptions yet and don't have time to do that until after the market... so much last minute stuff to do!!!). You can also get a sneaky peak of some of my new fabric designs... yet to be formally introduced and again, probably not until after the market though I do have some lovely products made from them for the market. The quilts can be used for cots or a nice throw in the lounge room. There will be more of these in the near future and will be available in my online shops.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New tea towel designs!

Since this post I have added some more tea towels into the range:

stilelemente 'grevillea' tea towel
stilelemente 'grevillea' tea towels
stilelemente 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' tea towel
stilelemente 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' tea towels

The images may not be the best... I have to find a better way to photograph them but at least you can get an idea... more images here

I have been wanting to do a Grevillea design for quite some time... and started talking about it way back here and then some more here. The design is based on photographs of the Grevillea from my garden and will probably work its way into a repeat for yardage. (I started working on this a while back but it isn't finished yet).

The 'wattle bird in the bottle brush' is already a repeat on yardage and now comes in a new colourway of Burnt Orange on Silver Ash (really nice!)... I'll be sharing this soon along with my 3 new yardage designs!

The tea towels are all pure linen, they come in natural, oatmeal and white and will be available in my online shop(s) soon...

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hand embroidered cushions

As promised in my previous post... I'm going to share some of the things I've been working on for the last little while... the things that I will be taking with me to market.

You may remember ages ago I was experimenting with embroidery thread here (scroll down to end of post)... well the thread was indeed colour-fast and I did actually make up two prototype cushions way back then... then other things got in the way and I was only able to turn my focus back to this recently (with a bit of help from my mum who has been doing the embroidery for me).

Above are the two prototypes I did back in June (now with labels added in)... they are both from my eco-friendly Greeting Card designs - the cockatoo (top) and kookaburra (above).

While I like them alot I felt the thread was perhaps a little too thick and so when I went to Spotlight recently I bought these new embroidery threads:

Don't you just LOVE the colours! They remind me of south America for some reason... they conjure up images of the people of Peru... the Andes... I'm really liking these colours and they are colour-fast as it says so on the label, so no testing needed.

Anyway... they are being used for very Australian designs and not anything south American as you might have been led to believe... here are the works in progress and the results:

I don't yet have an 'Australia' greeting card but next print run I'll probably add it and maybe some more new designs... but I'm so happy with these cushions. What do you think?

I'm really into embroidery and velvet at the moment and you will see the latter feature in some other cushions and possibly other products.

The cushions themselves are made from the hemp / organic cotton base cloth that I use for printing and the velvet trim is actually organic cotton velvet. I purchased a small quantity of this and some organic cotton corduroy from overseas quite some time back. I experimented with printing it but it turned out to be a nightmare for the printers due to the way velvet is made... the cut edges shed all the short fluffy velvety bits and as they use adhesive to keep the fabric in place on the table it gunked up the table which is not a good thing... so that idea was scrapped.

I probably won't be getting the velvet from the same suppliers for two reasons... distance and selection of colours. Their colours are not ones I am drawn to and having found the exact same colours that were in my head, here in Australia (but no doubt made overseas) I am going to work with those for now. Although they are cotton velvets they are not organic cotton velvets and believe me... the trail of research and communication for this elusive fabric is very extensive and has been going on for well over a year (on and off). As I will only be using it for trims I have to accept this is the best option available to me now and will only work with cotton velvets and not synthetic ones.

Anyway... they'll be in  my online shop(s) soon and may eventually be available wholesale.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold

'Documentary journalist and troublemaker Leah Borromeo is making a film about fashion and its real victims. She is on a mission – she wants to make ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry the norm, not the exception, by making the supply chain transparent. And she is on a journey to find out how to make this a reality.

Leah will follow the thread of our clothing from seed to shop - from farmers to brokers and bankers to the factories and manufacturers through to the labels we love to wear. She’ll show the environmental and social impact of the intense use of pesticides, will engage in the debate around genetically modified seed, investigate the concept of fair trade, explore the viability of organic cotton and probe the structures that make the rich rich and the poor poor. She’ll emphasise the need for traceability and accountability in the fashion industry.

The journey ends with us – and what we can do not just to look good, but do good. So, this is a campaigning film, but not one which hits you with a worthy stick. Leah’s a troublemaking Situationist journalist and friend to The Yes Men, Reverend Billy and the Space Hijackers. She never does things by halves and so the film will be quirky, funny and have a subversive twist. Think Newsnight meets the Yes Men.'

What's really sad about this is to learn the truth about what goes on behind-the-scenes... that nearly 300,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves to escape debt (up to 26 per day!). This is the human price we pay for cheap cotton! These farmers are trapped in a cycle of debt, 'brought about as a result of the industrialisation of their livelihoods. Some kill themselves by drinking the pesticides with which they farm.' It's just too tragic to think about but we have to! Thanks to selfless people like Borromeo who want to share this with the world... to make it transparent.

At the heart of the film will be the human stories of the people who work the fields to form the threads of our moral fibre. We will ask "when you bag a bargain, who pays for it?”

Friday, 26 October 2012

Experiments with clay...

I thought I'd share some more experiments in clay from my ceramics course...

The top image is a platter, wonky as it is, made by rolling out clay, imprinting it, in this case with a felt 'placemat', turning it over onto a mould to get the shape, firing it and then I glazed it with a clear glaze (as I'm using a white clay).

The next two images are sweet little pieces made using moulds... again, the clay is rolled out to the desired thickness then gently worked into the mould to get the shape. I handpainted the coloured underglaze and after they were fired they were coated with a clear glaze. I'm really loving this yellow, I mixed it myself...

The bottom two images are bigger experiments... using moulds again but this time with the slip casting method. An earthenware slip was used... these are pretty much complete failures as the slip was too thick and we left them in there too long so the forms are quite thick... but more so the insides are not smooth. The cylindrical vase got a bit damaged with the air gun, used to coax stubborn forms out of moulds, and so they really are just big experiments and won't really be anything as finished forms... which is why I'm taking the experiment further and cutting in the square one just to muck around some more.

However, the most exciting part was printing on clay. The waratah is my design... it can be found on this eco-friendly greeting card. Here I have screen printed it onto tissue paper with an underglaze printing ink... the words are from a screen my teacher had and look quite nice too.

This is what I have been working towards... finding a method I can use, as someone with limited skill, to build up a stock of shapes that I can print on... with the intent of selling them as part of my product range... this will be a long way off yet... probably not until next year... but it all has to start somewhere... the method has to be found, prototypes have to be made and then production can begin.

If I could form beautiful, consistent shapes on the wheel I would do so but this will take years to master which is why the moulds and slip casting method was chosen. I'm still not 100% sure this is the path I will take... we cast two more this week to see if we get a better result but it is still quite a slow process if I am wanting to use it commercially and keeping in mind that this is just one product line so I can't devote all my time to it. The other option is to purchase greenware / bisqueware in the desired shapes (or have some custom made) so then all I have to do is print, glaze and fire...

It's all a learning curve and quite an enjoyable one at that!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blood, Sweat and Luxuries

Yesterday evening I caught the tail-end of a BBC documentary titled Blood, Sweat and Luxuries (I think c2010). Apparently it was a six-part series - episodes include Gems, Leather, Coffee, Gold/Computers/E-Waste, Technology and Blood, Sweat and Me. It follows six young British consumers who swap their luxury lives to work alongside the people who mine, manufacture, process and recycle luxury goods in Africa and Asia.

Image courtesy of BBC UK blog
Not only in Britain today but around the world, what were once luxuries are fast becoming everyday items. From gems, leather products such as handbags and shoes, coffee, gold, computers and other technology - as more and more is consumed, products are becoming increasingly disposable. So the question is: Would consumers care more if they knew the human cost of making luxuries?

I have so much to say on this subject as many other issues feed in and out of it, issues that inform the way I want to live my life and the reasons why I chose to start my business... or more so why I chose to go down the path of starting a business that is based on sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical practices.

Even today, where we have made huge inroads and have more access to 'green' materials / supplies it is still incredibly hard and time-consuming to run a business like this (in Australia anyway) and probably why I feel, even after 2 years, that I am still setting the business up. This is a whole other discussion on its own (and referenced in other posts by me)... and also from this stems the pricing discussion. I posted something on my facebook page about this... so, the pricing thing is really at the basis of this post too...

I only caught the tail-end of the documentary and I don't know which episode I was watching - I would say it was the last one - 'Blood, sweat and me'. After their experiences one of the young ladies visits the owner of a factory that employs people to manufacture components for electrical goods, I imagine televisions, computers, etc.

The conversation basically came down to him saying that 'they' (referring to the 3rd world in general) know where their place is in the chain and that the west, which is where these good are destined for, are demanding more and more value for money. He said, (in my opinion in a rather defeatist attitude) 'if we don't do it someone else will'... and this, my friends, is the crux of the problem!

They do it for survival, for fear of losing contracts and it becomes so competitive that they are virtually wanting people to work for nothing. The frustration I felt at that conversation made me want to scream, not only at the injustice of it all but also how I feel so many people seem to be missing the point. This is a real thing for me at the moment, everywhere I look, we seem to be missing the point... WE HAVE TO TREAT THE CAUSE NOT THE EFFECT. We waste so much time and energy treating the effect of so many things that are currently wrong on our planet. Fortunately there are people out there that realise they need to treat the cause, I just wish everyone could get this.

One example of treating the cause would be Shelano Australia (this is not a paid advertisement, just using this example to illustrate what I mean:

'Kolkata India is home to some of the poorest communities in the world :: Many young women live in the various slums near the railway tracks and live a daily struggle just to feed and clothe their family. Through poverty and desperation, many of these women are forced to work in one of the biggest red light areas in the world :: Shelano was established out of a desire to bring freedom to these women who have very limited education and are at the risk of abuse :: Shelano train and employ these local women giving them the opportunity that they would not be given otherwise. This then provides them with dignity, independence and the ability to give themselves, and their family a brighter future :: Our hope is that after generations of this lifestyle, the cycle is broken :: By purchasing from Shelano, you are not only getting a fairly traded product, you are helping fight the cycle of poverty by enabling these women the opportunity to take care of herself and her whole family.'

So if it is possible for these women why is it not possible for all or other 3rd world communities to start something like this and end the cycle of poverty or the need to go to work where conditions are well below average. Who is to blame for the beliefs that came up in the conversation that took place between the factory owner and the young lady in the documentary? The factory owner / manufacturer, for quoting such low prices then having to pay their employees such low wages? The retailer, for quoting such low prices then having to pay the manufacturer low prices who in turn have to pay their employees such low wages... or is it the consumer who demands such low prices? Are they really demanding it or has the precedence been set by retailers and in turn their mind set is now locked in to bargain, bargain, bargain mode. The debate that has come about as a result is 'by buying these products aren't we condoning exploitation?' OR 'if we don't buy these products, these people won't have jobs, they couldn't afford food or shelter, they'd be worse off wouldn't they?'

There is no question where I stand on this matter... the latter is clearly the propaganda the corporations responsible would want us to believe - it justifies what they are doing.

So, for me, treating the cause in this situation would be that we no longer take such advantage of 3rd world countries because we know they are desperate and hungry and will need to do anything to survive... but because they are out of sight they are also out of mind. We don't stop to think about where the stuff we buy for such bargain basement prices comes from... we are so disconnected from the source of everything in our daily lives it is astounding... we don't question where our food comes from - no... not the supermarket; we don't question where our water comes from - no... not the tap; we don't question where our gas comes from - no... not the stove or the heater... and we certainly don't question where our other everyday luxuries come from. But if we look at the success of initiatives such as Shelano and other similar ones then we know it can be done.

Until we send a clear message that we care about other human beings and believe in equal rights for everyone on this planet (apart from the really bad, evil people) then this cycle will continue... and of course there are many middle men getting very fat off the proverbial lamb who simply don't want it to end and will keep us all in the dark for as long as possible in any way possible... sometimes even silencing people permanently.

So when you get your brand spanking new fabulous shiny piece of marvelous technology, or your lovely new leather shoes or designer handbag, or the bling... ask yourself where it came from... I think you will be quite shocked to know the truth.

I want to shout out to the world 'wake up everyone! start to become involved in what you put into your body and what you bring into your home.' Make informed choices at the supermarket and department store or better still... shop local and support independent businesses! Nothing will send a clearer message to the large corporations monopolising the market. We have to learn to pay what things are worth, we have to learn to price things accordingly!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Playing with clay

Way back here I shared how excited I was to have enrolled in a ceramics class, as I'd been wanting to do one for quite a while.

Progress has been slow and surgery meant missing a couple of classes but I wanted to share what I have been playing with - first though, a warning! Especially to all those lovely talented potters and ceramic artists out there... bear with me, I am a beginner and am still very much in the experimenting stage.

The ceramic studio - love the exposed beams!
I haven't been learning to use the wheel, I think I'm more of a hand-builder. So I've been using moulds that are available in the studio...

 Above: hand built (using a mould) and hand painted

Above: hand built (using a mould). The yellow and mauve ones are impressed with lace and I used a brush to paint the glaze on. The mauve one was then sponged down to remove alot of the glaze, only leaving it in the imprint. The leaf one is also an imprint but the leaf was very soft and didn't leave much of an impression, very subtle. I also then painted the underside of the leaf with glaze, positioned it and fired it with the leaf in place...

 Above: hand built. The 'plate' was just laid out over an upturned bowl to give it a hint of shape. I then imprinted it with leaves, glazed over the whole surface but wiped it down with a sponge so that it was darker in the imprint. The little bowl was done in the same way but formed using a mould

Above: hand built. A very organic shape for the 'plate' (and yes, I know it has a crack in it). The bowl was formed using a mould. I hand painted the glaze into the imprint alone with a brush and much prefer this effect.

I've been discussing what I want to achieve with my lovely teacher - there are two things: 1) imprinting the clay and 2) printing on the clay.

As the imprinting will need me to hand build every form this could be quite time-consuming and not commercially viable at this stage. Also, I would want to imprint my own designs, as nice as lace is, it's been done and the whole purpose of pursuing ceramics is to eventually introduce some pieces into my range of products.

Printing on clay is much more achievable for my skill level right now and this way I could even buy green ware or bisque ware to transfer my designs onto... alternatively, another thing we've been discussing is for me to make my own moulds and use the slip-cast method. This way my shapes are more consistent and much more 'polished'. We used some studio moulds last week to do some slip-casting and I will see how they turned out after firing this week.

It's all very exciting and rewarding... and the term has just swooshed by... only 2 weeks left but hopefully I can go back next term and keep working towards my goals.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Room with a view...

My sexy compression stockings that were too big for my small feet...
View to the ocean from my hospital bed... pretty special!
Just popping by to once again explain my absence from this blog... previously it was due to working behind-the-scenes on business related stuff and I was making good progress until things got interrupted as I had to have major surgery...

I had surgery on Wednesday 8/8 and went home on Sunday 12/8 and am still on the slow road to recovery... so incredibly frustrating as I'm not good with too much down time. I like to keep busy and more so I really wanted to keep making head-way with all the business stuff I was working on.

I even had my new fabrics arrive (new designs) and can't play with them yet... but will start to do so soon. I think I was a bit unrealistic about how much I could do after surgery and I've had a big surprise as to how laid-up I've been...

I need to do a big photo-shoot of the products I had been working on before surgery but as I can't lift anything for a few weeks that will have to wait. So until I have more interesting things to share here I will probably be lying low on the blog side of things :(

Thursday, 2 August 2012

By chance...

It's funny how things happen... usually in a Celestine Prophecy kind of way, in that often when you put something out there you can start to get the answers you are looking for... you come across them seemingly by chance...

For me, this came in the form of reading this great little article in Adore Home on Heather Moore of the successful Skinny laMinx label (starts p33).

Just recently I was talking about possible ways to market and promote your business and said that sometimes it's best to hand it over to people who are good at doing what they do so you can focus on doing what you are good at... like I have done with my bookkeeping... well Heather has said pretty much the same things I did:

"After having tried to do everything myself for too long, I realised that the key to having an enjoyable and well run business is to employ fabulous people. We all have our areas of expertise, which means I can get on and do what I do best, which is designing."

Because you so often don't get an insight into how other people run their business or market and promote them, it's nice to be able to get a glimpse every so often. Even though I haven't employed anyone to date, it certainly has crossed my mind as something that would be beneficial to the business... definitely food for thought.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunshine makes me happy

Looks like I wasn't the only one to be happy about seeing the sun on Sunday after a long wet spell. After a big 'O' in the sky I was curious to see where the skywriter was going with it... and it brought a smile to my face when it was completed (it actually went on to be an ad for DecoRugs but I liked it better when it was just a smiley face).

Hopefully next time I post it will be with some images of what I've been up to on the 'making' front...

Oh... and another thing that makes me smile is knowing that tomorrow, after the winter solstice, the days in the southern hemisphere will start to get longer again... so looking forward to that.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Behind the scenes...

Just popping by to say my absence is from working behind the scenes... so please bear with me as I don't have much to share now but will when I get back into full swing with the business side of things. I'm starting the process of overhauling the website, there may well be a new online store... and there will be new products in the range. I do have to admit I kind of got lost for a while, well since this post really so I don't think I could have done anything until I got my groove back anyway... nothing we can do about it except wait until the inspiration comes back or we have the 'light bulb' moment about a particular thing we were stuck on. In the meantime I've been keeping busy with settling in and getting organised after the move... but always in the back of my mind trying to find a way forward and thankfully that happened a couple of weeks back and now I know how to proceed... now to make it all happen.

Monday, 2 April 2012

A word or two on gratitude...

Just popping by to share a great TED talk, this one is about gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg. It is visually stunning as well as thought-provoking... watch it and see for yourself.

Two other great talks I've seen in recent times are by:
Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability
Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity
They are both very much worth watching, especially by creative types who I'm sure will really relate to them both... enjoy!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Local Harvest... where does the food you eat come from?

As the basis of my business is to be as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible it's only natural that this stems from how I wish to live my life and so when I come across great organisations doing similar things but in different ways, spanning all facets of how we live then of course I'm going to want to share it, to help spread the word...

So I wanted to share this fab little animation from the Local Harvest website (I came across this via the Ethical Consumer Guide e-newsletter). It's worth watching so you can understand exactly where supermarket food comes from and the processes it has to go through to get on to the shelves. Anything that promotes more environmentally friendly and ethical options is a winner for me so I think Local Harvest is a great idea and am sure the website and organisation will be a big success... head on over to the website to see how you can get involved.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some online love...

Above: I was happy to see one of my cushions featured in the latest Bluecaravan newsletter - thanks Jen and the Bluecaravan team. It's all about Autumn Love so pop over and check out all the other fabulous products featured there as well as a giveaway by Society COLLECTIVE (Please note I am in no way involved with the giveaway, am just passing on the information).

Above: More stilelemente love over at tickle the imagination blog - Thanks Tanya! Have you checked out this fabulous online magazine? If not I suggest a little visit, you won't be disappointed.

Above: ... and more love from Annaig's Gemstudio over at Madeit in her Seller Picks today - she has included one of my eco-friendly Nippers notebooks - thanks Annaig! (In the screen shot it is 3rd from the left). Pop over and check out her lovely jewellery and the other items she's included in her Seller Picks today and support handmade.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hello from Como

A little snippet of mum's garden - image by me.
Just popping by to say a quick hello from Como... (NSW not beautiful Lake Como in Italy!)

I arrived on Monday and, as anyone who has ever moved house will know, I have been knee deep in boxes and stuff ever since... and will be for quite some time yet as moving into my mum's house instead of my own space throws up some challenges... like merging belongings and carving out my own spaces.

I will get there though... lots to sell on eBay in the meantime to clear the decks for a nice big work room. I have my own bedroom (obviously) and a lovely studio space too. Lots of room just lots of stuff in the way at the moment.

It is such a lovely area, so bushy, everywhere you look you see green, so many trees that the houses almost disappear and being quite hilly it's lovely at night time to see the homes lit up across the valley. I'm also just up the road from the Sir Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve - yay! Soooo looking forward to going and exploring that with my camera.

On the business side of things, I still have my online shops open for business but don't foresee being able to make any new stock any time soon. Looking forward to being set up and to start some processes of giving the business and products more exposure.

Friday, 17 February 2012

On the move...

image by me
I've been a bit light on the blog posts the past week or so because I've been finishing packing up my home ready for my move... winding things up at this end was not as straight forward as I'd hoped and I've kind of been in limbo for a bit. Happy to say that I am finally heading out and therefore will be a bit absent from here as I get settled in at the other end.

Here's to new beginnings...

Monday, 13 February 2012

New eco-friendly greeting card designs in store

Above are just a few of the new card designs in store... to see the rest or to purchase you can go here and here. I've created The Great Outdoors series in card versions now, not just the notebooks as I'll be phasing the notebooks out once all current stock is sold.

I'm seeing the top designs as a possibility for yardage, for children... what do you think? I think they'd make nice doona covers / cot quilt covers / baby sleeping bags... curtains... anything for the nursery or children's room really. I might pursue this in a a few months, maybe in time for winter and I'll be sure to keep you posted if I do.

Wholesale enquiries always welcome :)