Saturday, 6 August 2011

Three new fabric designs

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and getting organised...

You might remember back here I shared the colour swatches for my three new designs. The fabric arrived some time back but I got side-tracked with things and just haven't had a chance until now to share.

Introducing my three new designs:

Lyrebird (detail) - Grey Bark on Latte hemp / organic cotton base-cloth

Wattle Bird and Bottle Brush (detail) - Callistemon Red on Latte hemp / organic cotton base-cloth
 Brachycome (detail) - Brachycome Blue on Latte hemp / organic cotton base-cloth

All three will be available for purchase in my online stores just as soon as I list them... all three designs will be available as ready-made products with the first two designs also available as yardage (like my previous fabrics) - however, this run of Brachycome has a design fault that prevents the perfectionist in me from offering it as yardage but it will be available as fat quarters, with the next print run being available as yardage.

For more images you can view my flickr photostream (select the Organic Hand Screen Printed Textiles set on the right-hand side)... comments and feedback are always welcome.


  1. loving the new fabrics Gaby :) espec the blue so lovely :) great to see you up and all creative again le xox

  2. The new fabrics look fantastic Gaby! Love them all :) xx Maria

  3. Love the Brachycome print. Good luck with the new stores

  4. Oh Gaby - I love the lyrebird print. You really have been busy. xx

    PS - you can visit my blog, just don't judge me on how little I've used it yet ... :(