Thursday, 14 July 2011


Jed's feet dangling over the edge of the balcony - 2009
Apart from my absence over the past couple of weeks due to the sudden loss of my beloved cat I also want to apologise to my followers and readers for the absence of any of my own work from this blog and from my life in general over the past couple of months or more.

It's not until you start a business that you can understand how it is going to sit within the broader margins of your life, if you are going to like what you do, if you think you want to keep at it and so on.

I have found it immensely satisfying to see my vision become a reality, slow as it has been, so much to learn and absorb, so much to do when you are doing it on your own and again it's not until you are in it that you can start to shape it the way you want, see what works and what doesn't and determine how you want to proceed.

Once I reached that place everything sort of stopped but only because I felt this huge need and desire to 'organise' the rest of my life around what is gradually becoming a main focus in my life - my business... and so I wanted to tie up loose ends, clean out the old and make room for the new. I have a vision for where I want to take the business and I want to tie up those loose ends because I don't want any distractions, or I want to minimise distractions so I can give the business more attention from here on in and grow it to be one that can support me because I love living creatively and can't imagine doing anything else... but I also love that I (along with many other fabulous designers and business owners) am offering eco-friendly products to consumers who want to use sustainably produced items in their homes and to give as gifts.

Since starting the home-based business I had been gradually transforming areas in the home to become more functional work areas once I knew the general direction I wanted, the products I wanted to make and so on. I have shared some of these here on my blog as I did them.

In wanting to organise things around me I knew I had to address some unfinished work around the home and garden and this thought process led to a great desire to turn my home into a showcase for my products... plus there's nothing like a mini make-over to make things fresh. As with a house and garden there is always much more involved than you realise at the beginning and things just take longer than what you anticipated... so it is this that has been taking my focus away from the business side of things... this and taking the past couple of weeks to grieve the loss of Jed.

The make-over isn't big and fancy, I live the things I believe in, i.e. sustainably, and re-use and recycle where possible. My style is eclectic and rustic and most of the work around here has just been about painting but I also had to address some things like a water leak on the back balcony, rusted posts supporting the awning out the back, cracked concrete and so on... finishing one last section of landscaping and other odds and ends... and I am nearly finished with it all and am really looking forward to getting back to the business to start putting ideas into action. There have been some minor movements in the business these past couple of months, things I will share when they are ready. I will also be sharing more images from the home front once I get my act together and then I will be finally making some more products with my new fabrics... long overdue I know!

It's also been fulfilling finding this fabulous creative and supportive online community, finding other people who are doing what they love, finding other people that share the same ideals as you and finding this great movement back to hand-made, sustainable and ethical products.

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  1. you take the time you want and need - we will all still be here - love that pic le xox