Sunday, 5 June 2011

Home office - designs and ideas

I LOVE looking through house and garden magazines - they are a constant source of inspiration and a wealth of information. When I was planning my home office I was lucky enough to stumble across a great article in Australian Home Beautiful magazine (April 2007, pp 56-61 by Anna McCooe):

Above: This is definitely the one that inspired the design for my home office. I love how you get an idea from seeing things like this but you go and make the look your own. Being in such a narrow space and not have a wide-angle lens I couldn't get a front-on shot like this of my home office in my previous post but hopefully you can see some of the design ideas - a great way to utilise space under the stairs.

... and just the other day I linked to this gorgeous blog (from oeke design blog) and found this beautiful home office (below):

Image: Anna Malin - helt enkelt blog
For more pictures and the story behind this beautiful workspace see the rest of the post (you can translate it to English) - the helt enkelt blog by Anna Malin is simply beautiful. Her workspace is another clever use of under-stair space... don't you just LOVE her style!

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  1. great inspiration :) would love a dedicated space for me in our place - not to be for now :) best le xox