Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Out of the loop...

Just popping by quickly to say I'm out of the loop for a while as something unexpected happened last week that needs my full attention. I can't even give much, if any, attention to all the other things I had on the go either, let alone business stuff - even though my new fabrics (new designs) arrived a week or so ago, just haven't gotten around to playing with them yet but as soon as things get back to normal around here I will share images.

In the meantime here is the link to my new Craftumi shop - Maker's Table - where I've started listing some of the wonderful and unique craft items I am selling. I've already made some sales so if you see something you like snap it up because once it's sold it's gone. This is another project that was interrupted last week and I will be listing more items here, including some fabulous vintage fabrics, once I get back on track.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy to be indoors

Are you enjoying your long weekend? I did have a nice lunch date with a friend on Friday, and a little outing on Saturday morning but was confined to the indoors yesterday due to another bout of wild winds and sideways rain. I kept very busy and am working again today, in a laid-back, relaxed kind of way - the rain has eased marginally but the winds are a little too strong for my liking, so staying indoors is a nice option :) This little guy thinks so too... soaking up the winter sun behind glass.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A kangaroo or two - from idea to finished product...

I bought this beautiful print by Shane Audcius in December 2009 at the Art Bazaar in Newcastle (sorry I may be mispelling her surname as it's really hard to make out her handwriting). It was this print that inspired my kangaroo design, along with this design by Florence Broadhurst:

Above: Horses Stampede - image p71 Florence Broadhurst Her Secret and Extraordinary Life by Helen O'Neill.

I love the energy of both prints, particularly Broadhurst's and wanted to capture the essence of animals on the move. 

The design process for my kangaroo print was to look at images of kangaroo mobs and kangaroos hopping and it was interesting to see the kangaroo mobs don't necessarily all hop in the same direction, the same general direction yes, but not in a straight line so to speak... I tried to capture the essence of a mob by making some appear in the foreground and pushing others into the background. I then muck around with placement until I get something I'm happy with and that works in repeat:

Above: Adobe Illustrator
Above and Below: my kangaroo design hand screen printed onto organic base cloth.


Above and Below: It is a long process from design to finished product but nothing gives me more satisfaction that to use the fabric to make products.

I thought I might have been the only one to think that kangaroos was a good subject matter for both design and homewares, being that they are iconically Australian, but I found that Broadhurst also did a Kangaroo print, it is obviously lesser known than her more popular prints and in all honesty it's not one of my favourites of hers:

Above: Aboriginal Rock Art - image p115 Florence Broadhurst Her Secret and Extraordinary Life by Helen O'Neill.

I also found a couple of other designers who have used kangaroos in their work and love both of these:

Above: image - Vogue Living July / August 2008.

James and Hayley Baillie of South Australia's Southern Ocean Lodge commissioned Julie Paterson of clothfabric to create the kangaroo print you can see in the image above, on the cushion and rug (and it also appears on the menus).

Above: image - Spacecraft Australia website.

A new cushion from Spacecraft Australia - I really like how Spacecraft use a lot of photographic images in their work. 

...and I found this one too:

 Above: image - Laughing Bird website.

The Wildflower and Kangaroo Print tea towel by Laughing Bird, available in Navy on Natural, Grey on White and Blue on White.

So what do you think? Do you like kangaroos in the context of contemporary homewares? I'm partial to the popular botanicals as well, particularly Australian natives but I think our native fauna are pretty cool too and worthy of a design or two in their honour.

Monday, 6 June 2011

A funny animation for cat lovers

This is pretty much what happens at my place every morning... this animation had me in stitches, so clever - m.d39 knows a thing or two about cats >(*!*)<

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Home office - designs and ideas

I LOVE looking through house and garden magazines - they are a constant source of inspiration and a wealth of information. When I was planning my home office I was lucky enough to stumble across a great article in Australian Home Beautiful magazine (April 2007, pp 56-61 by Anna McCooe):

Above: This is definitely the one that inspired the design for my home office. I love how you get an idea from seeing things like this but you go and make the look your own. Being in such a narrow space and not have a wide-angle lens I couldn't get a front-on shot like this of my home office in my previous post but hopefully you can see some of the design ideas - a great way to utilise space under the stairs.

... and just the other day I linked to this gorgeous blog (from oeke design blog) and found this beautiful home office (below):

Image: Anna Malin - helt enkelt blog
For more pictures and the story behind this beautiful workspace see the rest of the post (you can translate it to English) - the helt enkelt blog by Anna Malin is simply beautiful. Her workspace is another clever use of under-stair space... don't you just LOVE her style!