Friday, 22 April 2011

A completed room unveiled

Remember how I said I was transforming the worse room in the house, after a leaking roof damaged the ceiling beyond repair and that I was going to make it a production room...

The room I've been working on is to the left at the end of the hall with a bedroom straight ahead. Ages ago I removed the louvre doors off two hall cupboards (one in view) and have a curtain hanging there until I get around to painting the doors white which, in this space, will definitely look nicer than the timber colour.

Well here it is, almost completed - a new light fitting for the ceiling should do it:
An old market table used as the sewing station
Collapsible tables joined together in centre of the room to make a big cutting table
Plenty of storage space in the wardrobe
Looking out towards the hallway
Another old market table to use as a work surface
I thought about painting the louvre doors of the wardrobe white as it would give them a fresh, crisp look but there is just way too much work involved. I don't mind the timber look - you may have seen other images posted from time to time which reveal that I really like dark stained timber furniture. I may still paint the doors one day but for now there are too many other jobs on the go that need doing first. I'll be sharing more images as I complete different transformations :)

My tastes have definitely changed in recent years. I don't have a particular style I like, in fact I have always had a very eclectic approach to decorating, but there is definitely an Asian inspiration going on. I love Eastern and Middle Eastern style - Indian, Asian, Islamic and so on but on the flip side I'm also a sucker for French Provincial and contemporary country styles too. Then there's Mid-Century Modern! This is the one that has been developing more in recent years.

This is where eBay is great because you can sell off items you no longer want, when your tastes change and hopefully be lucky enough to find what you want to replace it with there too, or in a second-hand store. In fact since coming here I have sold quite a bit of my antique furniture and other stuff because it was no longer 'me' and I've picked up some other pieces along the way so for now I'm pretty happy with what I have. I think I prefer second-hand items because I like that they show signs of use and age, they tell a story and have character and I'm definitely in favour of a rustic look rather than having everything shiny and new. Buying second-hand also means you can pick up real quality that might otherwise be out of your price range and you can have the real thing, i.e. real timber rather than chip-board and the like - plus it's all about recycling and re-using to reduce waste and I'm all for that!