Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day

When I think of Australia I think of her in images and scents...the scent of the Australian bush, the eucalyptus trees, the scent of the ocean...while I can't share those scents here I can share some images I have captured of the Australia I love...

Coastal Wattle in flower - the green and gold of Australia

Kangaroo Paw

White sandy beaches with crystal clear water :: south-west Western Australia

Long hot days at the beach, under the umbrella

Little Nippers at Caves Beach (the photo that inspired my notebooks and cards)

Wild, rugged coastlines

Our natural history

Our man-made history

Our sunrises over the water in the east

Our sunsets over the water in the west

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  1. Happy Australia Day!
    We watched a documentary about Australia last night. It is beautiful and it's on our travel wish list.