Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Giant Kangaroo Paw in my garden

I just have to share my amazing kangaroo paw plant with you. I am so proud of it but really I haven't done anything to help it become like this...apart from nearly killing it once when I moved it but it just established itself and grew...and grew...and goes on growing...lucky me :)

It's what dreams are made of...being that kangaroo paw is my all time favourite plant. It was given to me as a strappy small plant by a neighbour who told me it was a kangaroo paw but it never did anything apart from look strappy...after I nearly killed it I just let nature take over and I walked out into my backyard one day and was amazed by the fact it was flowering abundantly...like overnight...and a year or two later it is just under 2metres tall!!! Today is such a stunning summer day I just had to go out and photograph it in all its glory against the backdrop of the blue sky and the rest of the garden. It is so beautiful...I wish I had more of them, guess I'll have to figure out if I can get cuttings from this one. I'm sure this is how they grow in their native western Australia but all the ones I've had before always remain small. This was the plant that inspired my kangaroo paw design for my fabric.


  1. well done with kanga paw - what a great garden beauty - best le

  2. Ah yes - I can see why you like my garden. We have this one in a couple of places, and it is beautiful. Thank you for calling by.