Friday, 19 November 2010

Eco-friendly greeting cards

This morning the courier brought a long awaited package - yay! 

It was filled with about 90% of the stuff from the my DL business cards, swing tags and greeting cards... just waiting on the notebooks now and hopefully they'll be here early next week.

So I've spent a good amount of time today photographing and editing products ready to list in my online stores and I thought I'd give you a sneak peek here first...

These are the Nippers series cards...
Originally designed as one image I broke it down into 4 so I could make smaller products such as these day I will do something with the original (all in one colour)...when I get a start on the baby products I'm conjuring up in my head :)

There is also a Flora & Fauna series... some of you may be familiar with the designs as I posted the illustrations a while back and they are also the same as the images from my calendar. The Kangaroos, Kangaroo Grass and Kangaroo Paw are already being used in repeat for my first lot of textile designs. Some of the other designs will eventually end up in repeat patterns for my next batch of fabrics - hopefully early in the new year.