Sunday, 31 October 2010

The human race - a poem

After my post on solastaglia the other day I was left a comment by Glenn Albrecht, Professor of Sustainability at Murdoch University in WA - the man responsible for developing new terminology, such as solastaglia, in order to 'name' what humankind is experiencing in this day and age. I visited his blog and had a bit of a look around (though need more time to really get into it) but it got me thinking about things and one thought led to another and I remembered this poem I wrote many moons ago but is still as relevant now as it was back then:


The human race has been cancelled
due to bad weather, they said.
The old man sitting next to me
looks at the ground and shakes his head.

I look beyond his wrinkled face,
to maybe fifty years ago.
If only they'd had the knowledge
that we, today, now know.

An insight to the damage
they would cause to nature's glory.
Now our kids may never see it,
they'll just hear it in some story.

If only they'd forseen the harm
to land and sea and air.
Today we'd have more to enjoy,
instead we live in quiet despair.

A forest disappears a day,
the ozone can't be mended.
I wonder if they're satisfied,
is this what they intended?

As the old man slowly rises,
as he imitates a smile.
I can see he's wondering to himself,
has it really been worthwile?

- Gabriella Tagliapietra: 13/05/89 -

As this is a place to share creative thoughts and processes I wanted to share that poem because I have used poetry in the past as another way to express myself about things that I am passionate about. Art can be confronting, especially when artists want to shock the audience into pro-actively having an opinion. I know my poem is far from shocking but I just hope it's not too sombre. I guess so far my blogs have been more positive as I feel what I am doing is really rather positive - as is the work of so many other creative souls out there who are a constant source of inspiration :)