Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Creating an illustration and design library

So I thought I'd share what I have been working on these past few weeks...now that it's all coming full circle and my files are off being quoted at the printers.

As I needed some business cards printed my thoughts turned to the paper products that I want as part of my range and I so I started designing them all because I thought it would be sensible to have everything printed in one go.

I won't show the actual products yet but if all goes to plan with the printing there will be a 2011 calendar, greeting cards and notebooks (as well as my business cards and swing tags). I am now gradually building my own library of illustrations and designs that can be used in various ways for various projects. The plan is to work under the umbrella of a Collection called Terra Australis with ranges such as Flora & Fauna and The Great Outdoors...

- canoe -

- row boat -

- wattle -

- waratah -

- kangaroo paw -

- lyrebird -

- pygmy possum - (thanks to photographer Paul Evans for allowing me to adapt his photo)

- dingoes -

- kangaroos -

- gecko -

- kookaburra -

- cockatoo -

- koalas -