Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sunday outing: Living Smart Festival, Lake Macquarie

Accompanied by a friend and her daughter, on Sunday I went along to the Living Smart Festival at Speers Point Park on the shores of beautiful Lake Macquarie. The festival is the first of its kind in Lake Macquarie and will hopefully become an annual event. It was very well organised with live music, food stalls, handmade goods and loads of sustainable living info, displays and workshops. I left home without my camera...oops, so no images but I finally got my battery charger from DJ's a week or so ago which is great as now I can take photo's again - yay!

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks because I've just been busy making. I actually put my cushions aside for now, although they were coming along great because I moved on to start the paper products that I have been wanting to have as part of my product range. I wasn't entirely happy with not coming full circle with the cushions yet, that is finishing all 36 or so of the initial batch, photographing them, sharing the images here and on flickr and most importantly listing them for sale in my online shop. However, I know that I need to have some business cards printed and so my thoughts drifted along to all the other paper products I want printed and that I should get them all done at the same time...and so that's how that all got started. For the past week or so I have been designing the range of paper products and probably still have a week  or so to go before they're off to the printers.  Then I can turn my focus back to the cushions and other fabric products...

Starting a new business is a challenge, particularly when you are a maker...I have said this before but so much of my time is going into research, such as looking for printers, etc and perhaps because I want to do all of this with an environmental approach it makes it even harder as you really have to dig deep to find materials and suppliers, etc as it's all so new still, even in this modern age of ours.

I did hear a very encouraging speech the other week though, by Lord Nicholas Stern (one of the world's leading economists) at the National Press Club and in a nutshell he's saying that we are now in the throws of a new Industrial Revolution and those that don't jump on board will get left behind as no one will want to do business with them if they don't move towards a greener way of doing things. Really remarkable man and well worth hearing / reading the speech if you are so inclined. I've had a theory on the first Industrial Revolution for a while now but I won't bore anyone with a drawn out post...this is already getting a bit long as it is...but there's always so much to say, don't you think...

I'll just finish by saying that as far as my business goes I am working really hard and I know I will see the efforts shortly...or be able to show the efforts shortly, so hang in there because I promise you it's all really close now. In hind sight I probably should have opened the online shop after I had produced the first lot of products as the shop is sort of static now...but everything about starting a business is new to me so I learn as I go.