Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Outing - Artist Studio Trail

Where does the time go? I can't believe it's been a month already since I went along to the last Artist Studio Trail...

On this magnificent spring morning we visited just two, that of Cheryl Cusick in Macquarie Hills and Cliff Hosking in Mount Hutton. Cheryl's studio is a converted carport and garage with plenty of natural light and a nice view of the surrounding hillsides dotted with houses. Her styles are varied but mostly large-scale landscape and city-scape paintings with rich colours (sorry no website to link to).

The second studio of Cliff Hosking was a little harder to find but I tell you...once we ventured down that gravel drive to Duck Down Studio I was reminded of this daydream I have for my ideal home and studio, though there were some significant differences it made me see how mine can be a reality. Set on a super sized parcel of land, the residence sits at the front of the property and the large, open-plan studio sits behind that.

Thing is...I love where I live geographically because of its stunning natural beauty...lots of water everywhere...ocean, channel, lake...beaches, parklands, reserves - it's pretty close to perfect...and my block isn't small, it's about 750m2...and the house has loads of natural light but it is two storey and I feel disconnected to the garden in this way as all the living and sleeping is upstairs...and instead of one large decent studio space I have nooks all around the 'office' is downstairs and tucked away under the stairs, but it's spacious and light and I love working here (I posted some images of this in some of my first posts). Currently my 'production' room is the dining room table with fold-away tables in the living room for when I need to cut fabric and so on (again earlier posts show images) and I also have a back corner of the garage that houses most of my art related materials (images in an earlier post). It's all good and works well...but my ideal scenario would be a super-sized block of land with a little weatherboard cottage on it to live in and a big open-plan building as a know those old timber community halls...yeah...something that big! To live on one level and flow seemlessly from space to space...indoors...outdoors, cocooned by beautiful gardens...

I love daydreams :)