Monday, 23 August 2010

The kangaroo paw cushion...

Even though yesterday was a lovely day to be outside I had set it aside to sit and face my zipper fear once and for all. My replacement zippers finally arrived on Friday afternoon and so now there was no excuse to put off doing the cushions once and for all. Actually, not that I had been making excuses...I was in fact waiting for the zippers but it just seems SO much time has passed since I first got my fabric back from the printers to now... to actual production... so I had to ask myself what I had been doing all this time... and well... I have been busy with all the beginning stuff of a new business, so I can't be too hard on myself, I am a one woman show after all.

So... I sat at my machine and was determined not to do anything else until I figured out how I was going to sew in zippers. It took a few hours, yes, I feel silly for saying so... to do just one cushion but I am a perfectionist and I wanted to get it right. I wasn't at my machine the whole time...I was on the computer searching for tutorials and found one that really helped me get my head around the whole process. I also dug out my old tafe folder from my fashion certificate as it had all examples of the basics, like hems, cuffs, collars, zips, etc so this helped too as I just had to jog my memory.

Anyway...I am so excited to be on my way now and just had to share my first ever cushion made from my fabric - ta da...

Now back to production to do the 35 others :) The cushions will be made from each of the three designs I have plus pieced fabric cushions too and will be available in 40cm square, 60cm square, 40cm x 30cm rectangle and 15cm x 40cm bolsters...and they will all be for sale in my online shop

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