Friday, 18 June 2010

Fabric update and more

I got a fabulous email yesterday from my printers saying that my fabrics have all been printed - yay! How awesome is that! To top it off they said the prints work really well on the fabric and are very happy with the results - I never doubted their ability for a minute but there are outside factors such as weave, detail of design etc that I am learning about, which can all impact on the result. The fabrics are being sent off next week to be heat set and I should get them a week after that... at which stage I'll give a sneak peek here before listing them for sale in my online shop... so stay tuned!

I have been busying myself with other tasks and projects while I await the textile side of things to take place. I have loaded some more photo's onto my Flickr page and now have nearly 200 on there... with more to come. I thought I'd share a couple of the latest uploads here...

I don't have many 'people' shots, for a couple of reasons, but these tribal dancers from Tanna Island in Vanuatu are just too beautiful to keep hidden... as are these gorgeous Fremantle fairies (below) - of course if you want to see more of my photo's pop on over to Flickr.