Monday, 21 June 2010

Winter Solstice

I haven't been handling winter at all well this year, don't know why but I'm feeling the cold much more unbearable than before...must be getting old! Mind you the days have been warming up to a nice temperature around the middle of the day -  and the afternoon sun drenches the back of my house which is lovely in winter...but until then I'm usually rugged up like an eskimo to keep warm.

Good news though - today is the Winter Solstice - the shortest day and longest night of the year and means that our days will now start getting longer again as we slowly make our way towards summer - yay!...but still need to get through another couple of cold months...brrrr...

On the creative front, I uploaded some more photo's onto Flickr and was astounded to see how many visits my Vanuatu shots have's very exciting when you see those numbers climbing because you no longer feel invisible but instead somehow connected to other people around the world. I am also planning other projects and had a couple of good ideas last night that I'm going to start working on while I await the arrival of my printed fabric.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Fabric update and more

I got a fabulous email yesterday from my printers saying that my fabrics have all been printed - yay! How awesome is that! To top it off they said the prints work really well on the fabric and are very happy with the results - I never doubted their ability for a minute but there are outside factors such as weave, detail of design etc that I am learning about, which can all impact on the result. The fabrics are being sent off next week to be heat set and I should get them a week after that... at which stage I'll give a sneak peek here before listing them for sale in my online shop... so stay tuned!

I have been busying myself with other tasks and projects while I await the textile side of things to take place. I have loaded some more photo's onto my Flickr page and now have nearly 200 on there... with more to come. I thought I'd share a couple of the latest uploads here...

I don't have many 'people' shots, for a couple of reasons, but these tribal dancers from Tanna Island in Vanuatu are just too beautiful to keep hidden... as are these gorgeous Fremantle fairies (below) - of course if you want to see more of my photo's pop on over to Flickr.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Natural fabrics and earthy tones

I had some colour samples done on my fabric for the designs I am going to have printed and they arrived in the post today so I just had to share because it's just so exciting for me to be at this stage...

The colours are richer and deeper in real life - especially the red but that's photo's and monitors for you.

The next stage is having them printed and getting them back to me...that's when I can list some for sale and also make some homeware items to list for sale as well. It's all underway now so keep an eye out.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Textile designs, fabric and photos

I am very pleased to say after a steep learning curve I have completed the 'tweaking' of my first three textile designs and they are now ready for printing - oh joy :) My fabric has been ordered and once it arrives at the printers they are going to do some colour sampling for me and then we're ready to print - yay! It's ever so close now and I can't wait to have it back here so I can start making all those wonderful things I have planned as well as selling it as yardage.

In the meantime I have finally had a chance to scan and digitise more of my old photographs and have uploaded these to can check them out by clicking on my Flickr link over there on the right...but here's a sneak peek - a photo of Kata Tjuta.

These latest photos are from two separate trips to Central Australia, a solo trip in the late 1980's and a trip with my partner at the time in the mid 1990's. The majority of the photo's are from the second trip and it's weird because we visited so many places that I thought I would have more photos to show for it, being an avid photographer and all. So either I was too caught up in the moment or I have misplaced some along the way. In particular, I would have like to have some images of the magic waterholes we visited in Katherine Gorge, truly what dreams are made of...enticingly clean, fresh water to swim in, nestled in pre-historic rock formations dotted with vegetation...a hidden paradise.

I plan to use these photographs in combination with my textiles as the textiles are designed as a suite that is part of a range I can add to as I go, called Terra Australis.

I have been fortunate to travel fairly extensively throughout Australia, though there are still a number of places I have yet to experience. It was also a conscious thing on my part, as many people my age were shooting off after school to travel abroad, I first wanted to see my own country, leaving home at 17 to start that adventure. I have a real passion for my country (particularly natural environments) and its diversity and difference to other places around the world and I can't help but want this to inform my designs and my art. It did so while I was studying at university and will surely continue as I embark on this new journey into my creativity.

I'm hoping that my design, craft and art will strike a chord with my fellow Australians both here and abroad but also with visitors that are looking for something uniquely Australian to take home as a memento from their travels.